Reviews by Genre

Updated: 9/30/12

Austen, Jane  Persuasion

Chick Lit
Fielding, Helen: Bridget Jones Diary
Holden, Wendy: Farm Fatale
Lim, Lisa: Confessions of a Call Center Gal
Mah, Ann: The Kitchen Chinese 

Chick Lit/Mystery: 
 Cabot, Meg  Size 14 is Not Fat Either
Christian, Marika: Phone Kitten
Davis, Kyra-Sex Lies and Double Latte 
Hodge, Sibel: Be Careful What You Wish For

Hodge, Sibel: The Fashion Police
Hodge, Sibel: Vodoo Deadly

Christian Fiction: 
Landis, Jill Marie: Heart of Stone

Contemporary Romance
Barrett, Suzanne: Gift From the Heart 
Bennett, Jules: Her Innocence, His Conquest 
Bernard, Jennifer: The Fireman Who Loved Me
Bradley, Celeste & Donovan: A Courtesan's Guide to Getting Your Man
 Banks, Leanne Footloose
Brown, Carolyn: Love, Drunk Cowboy
Clayton, Alice: The Unidentified RedHead
Dane, Lauren: Once and Again
DeBree, Jamie: Tempest
DeTarsio, DeeDee: The Scent of Jade
Gravis-Graves, Tracey: On The Island (Adored this book!)
Knox, Ruthie: Ride With Me

Lane, Jennifer: With Good Behavior
Lane, Katie: Catch Me A Cowboy
Lindsey, Julie Anne: Summer Shorts 
McGary, Loucinda: Treasures of Venice 
Roberts, Nora Dance Upon Air  
Shalvis, Jill: Double Play 

Smith, John Gregory: The Mighty Spice Cookbook

Arend, Vivian: Falling, Freestyle
Bisset, Gaberielle: Blood Avenged 
Blisse, Victoria: Switching The Control 
Burkhart, Joely Sue: Golden
Calhoun, Anne: Liberating Lacey

Dane, Lauren: Coming Undone
Eastwick, Dominique: Strawberry Kisses
Ford, Keri: Through The Wall

Ford, Keri: On The Fence
Glass, Ginny & Kelley, Inez: Coming Clean
Grant, K.T.: For The Love of Mollie
Ione, Larissa: Pleasure Unbound

Ione, Larissa: Sin Undone 
Kelley, Inez and Glass, Ginny: Coming Clean  

Knight, Stormy: All For Lust
Knight, Stormy: One Good Lay
Knight, Stormy: Steaming Up
Long, Heather: Tell It To The Marine
Maddox, Molly: Alpha 

Mayburn, Ann: Sodom and Detroit 
Pinerio, Cardad: Nocturnal Whispers

 Quinn, Cari: Personal Research
Quinn, Cari: Unwrapped
Quinn, Cari: Hot Text
Quinn, Cari: Bad Kitty
Quinn, Cari: Provoke Me
Quinn, Cari: Heart Signs
 Rai, Alisha: Never Have I Ever

Reed, KJ: Songbirds
Reed, KJ: Jingle Ball
Reisz, Tiffany: The Siren
Reisz, Tiffany: The Angel
Reynard, Slyvian: Gaberiel's Inferno

Fantasy Romance: 
Ashford, Barbara: Spellcast
Ashford, Barbara: Spellcrossed
Baker, Kinley: Ruined

Chase, Emma: The Disciple 
Chase, Emma: Hotter Then Hell

Ensal, Anita: Love and Rockets Part I
Ensal, Anita: The Contingency Plan
Ensal, Anita: Being Neighborly 
Liss, David: The Twelfth Enchantment

Historical Fiction 
Barnes-Campbell, Margaret: The Passionate Brood
Barrows, Annie, Shaffer, Mary Anne The Guernsey Literary and Potato Pie Society
Joint review of The Guernsey Literary & Potato Pie Society 
Campbell-Barnes, Margret: The Passionate Brood
Chase, Ella March: The Virgin Queens Daughter  

Gregory, Phillipa  A Constant Princess
Gregory, Phillipa  The Boleyn Inheritance

Historical Romance
Basso, Adrienne: Tis The Season To Be Sinful
Baker, Jeanette: Legacy
Bradley, Celeste & Donovan: A Courtesan's Guide to Getting Your Man

Brighton, Lori: Wild Heart
Dare, Tessa: One Dance With A Duke 
Dare, Tessa: Goddess Of The Hunt
DeHart, Robyn:Seduce Me
Elliot, Cara: Too Wicked To Wed
Foley, Galen   His Wicked Kiss 
James, Judith: The Kings Courtesan
Kelly, Vanessa: Sex and The Single Earl
Kleypas, Lisa  Secrets of a Summers Night
 Lee, Jade  Tempted Tigress
London, Julia: A Courtesan's Scandal
Quinn, Julia- What Happens In London

Jane Eyre Variations: 

 Cavender, Chris   A Slice of Murder

Paranormal Romance

Abe, Shana The Smoke Thief
Acosta, Marta: Happy Hour At The Casa Dracula
Bast, Anya:  Wicked Enchantment
Betts, Heidi: Must Love Vampires 
Black, Shayla: Tempt Me With Darkness  
Brighton, Lori: The Ghost Hunter
Brighton, Lori: Kiss Me, Kill Me (anthology)
Burns, Monica: Assassin's Honor
Burkhart, Joely Sue: The Bloodgate Guardian
Butcher, Shannon: Burning Alive
Carney, Dee: Hunger Aroused
Cassidy, Dakota: Kiss & Hell 
Chong, Stephanie: Where Demons Fear to Tread
Clenney, Anita: Awaken the Highland Warrior
Cooke, Deborah   Kiss of Fate

DeWlyde, Saranna: How To Lose a Demon in 10 Days
Diver, Lucienne: Bad Blood

Estep, Jennifer: Karma Girl Christmas
Estep, Jennifer: Karma Girl
Evans, Misty: Witches Anonymous
Evans, Misty: Jingle Hells

Evans, Misty: Wicked Souls
Evans, Misty: Entangled (anthology) 
Evans, Misty: The Secret Ingredient 
Evans, Misty: Soul Protector
Evans, Misty: Soul Survivor
Firasek, Rachel: The Last Rising

Firasek, Rachel: Creating Fate

Julian, Stephanie: Size Matters

Kenyon, Sherrilyn: Retribution 

Kenyon, Sherrilyn: No Mercy
Kenyon, Sherrilyn: Bad Moon Rising
Laurey, Rosemary: Kiss Me Forever
Lee, Nadia: A Happily Ever After of Her Own  

Lee, Nadia: The Last Slayer
Myles, Jill: My Fair Succubi
Nell, Janni: Allegra Fairweather: Paranormal Investigator
Pape, Spencer Stephanie: Motor City Wolf

Rae, Berinn Hellhound
Rae, Berinn: Knightfall
Rae, Berinn: Stealing Fate
Rossi, Elle: Chasing Fate 
Skye, Christina   Enchantment

Paranormal Fiction: 
Boler, Olivia: The Flower Bowl Spell
Hawes, Jason: Ghost Trackers

Romantic Suspense
Adair, Cherry: Undertow
Gerard, Cindy: Feel The Heat
Henry, Angela: The Paris Secret
Moffet, Julie: No One Lives Twice
Robbins, Denise: Never Tempt Danger

Science Fiction Romance

Urban Fantasy 

Andrews, Ilona: Magic Bites
Briggs, Patricia: Moon Called
Crane, Carolyn: Mind Games

Crane, Carolyn: Double Cross
Crane, Carolyn: Head Rush
Daniels, J.C. Blade Song
Dark, Juliet: The Demon Lover
Dean, Sierra: Deep Dark Secret 

Dean, Sierra: A Bloody Good Secret 
Dean, Sierra: Secret Santa
Dean, Sierra: The Secret Guide to Dating Monsters
Dean, Sierra: Something Secret Comes This Way
Dean, Sierra: Keeping Secret
Eden, Cynthia: Angel of Darkness

Estep, Jennifer: Tangled Threads
Estep, Jennifer: By A Thread
Estep, Jennifer: Thread of Death
Frost, Jeaniene: Halfway to the Grave
Harper, Molly: Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs  
Harrison, Kim: Dead Witch Walking 

Kane, Stacia: City of Ghosts
Kane, Stacia: Chasing Magic
Hogan, Tamara: Taste Me
Jones, Lisa Renee: The Legend of Michael

Jones,  Darynda: First Grave on the Right
Jones, Darynda: Second Grave On The Left
Jones, Darynda: Third Grave Dead Ahead
Kenner, Julie: Tainted, Blood Lilies Chronicle #1 (My first ARC!) 
Kittredge, Caitlin:  Street Magic
Koch, Gini: The Night Beat
Madison, Shawntelle: Coveted
Mallory, H.P.: Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble
Moning, Karen Marie: Bloodfever

Monk, Devon: Magic to the Bone
Moore, E.S. To Walk The Night
Neill, Chloe: Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires #1)

Young Adult
Blake, Kendra: Anna Dressed in Blood
Carson, Rae: The Girl of Fire and Thorns
Cass, Kiera: The Selection
Cast, P.C & Kristin: Marked
Clement-Moore Rosemary Prom Dates From Hell
Collins, Suzanne: The Hunger Games

Collins, Suzanne: Mockingjay
Condie, Ally: Matched
Estep, Jennifer: Touch of Frost

Estep, Jennifer: Kiss of Frost
Estep, Jennifer: Dark Frost
Eulberg, Elizabeth: Prom and Prejudice
Evanglista, Kate: Taste

Ficklin, D. Sherry: Afterburn 
Fisher, Catherine: Incarceron
Fuller, Tara: Perigee Moon
Hamilton, Kersten: Tyger, Tyger
Hamilton, Kersten: In The Forests of The Night
Hammond, Lauren: Famished
Hammond, Lauren: Pride
Hand, Cynthia: Unearthly 
Hawkins, Rachel-Hex Hall (Joint Review)
Howells, Amanda: The Summer of Skinny Dipping
Karrass, Allison: Drowning in the Dark