Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Review-Slow Heat By Jill Shalvis

Title: Slow Heat
Author: Jill Shalvis
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Pacific Heat, book #2

I know that March was supposed to be devoted to me reading historical romances, but I somehow got way off track with that idea. I don't think I'll try to do another themed month any time soon! Slow Heat is the second book in the Pacific Heat series by Jill Shalvis-but can totally be read as a stand alone book.

Wade O'Riely, the Santa Barbara Pacific Heat's star catcher has gotten himself into some serious trouble. A stalker fan has told the press that she's pregnant with his child. It's not true, but the Heat has a wave of bad publicity and decide that something must be done to improve Wades playboy image. Enter Samantha McNead-tough as nails and no nonsense publicist for the Heat. Her family owns the team, and she's willing to help them out anyway they can-even if it means posing as Wades girlfriend for the month, beginning with being a date to a celebrity wedding. She'll have to find a way to get over the crush she's had on Wade for the past year-ever since they had a one night stand in an elevator. Wade soon finds himself falling for his pretend girlfriend, and isn't used to being the one having the shots called on. He's used to being in charge. He's going to have do a lot to convince his pretend girlfriend that he really does love her....

I think the problem I have with most contemporary romances is that the heroine is almost always too wishy washy for me. I hate how they are always pining over some guy-I love him, but I shouldn't, whatever should I do? I don't want my friends to hate me if I fall for the guy I'm not supposed to be with. Whine, whine, whine...One of the things that I've liked best about this series is that while the heroines in these books have been a little wishy washy, they've also been independent, strong characters not afraid to take a chance or two.

Another great thing about these books is the tension that you can feel between the characters-sure, there are some hot scenes, but I love how they aren't the entire book, and the tension doesn't dissipate after the scene is over with. I also loved how baseball is explained to us, but not talked down to us, if that makes sense.  The storyline is predicable, it's a super enjoyable read. There are a couple of storylines going  on in the book, one being that Samantha has to take care of her nephew Tag-who just totally grows on you. I can see why that was added to the book, but I don't get the other storyline dealing with Wades father. I found myself shaking my head over that one, mainly because I found it to be a little unbelievable-it also made the ending of the book seem rushed to me. That being said though, I totally can't wait for more books in this series!

Thanks again to Patti at the Book Addict for getting me addicted to sports romances! 

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