My Review Policy

Book Reviews: I am sorry, but I am not requesting review requests at this time, but am open to guest posts, interviews & giveaways.

historical romances set in the regency period.
Erotica (the hotter the better)

Am open to:

Chick Lit
Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Romance

Send all review requests to Colette at buckeyegirlreads @

Please be warned that if you send me a review copy it does not mean I will get to it right away.  It may be one week or 6 months. I do not do this intentionally, but sometimes life gets in the way. If you send it unsolicited  do not be surprised if you do not see it here. I just get too many emails to read all the books sent to me.

Due to the high volume of emails I receive, if you do not hear from me within 2 days, assume that I am not interested in reviewing your book. If I do accept to read your book, then there are no guarantees on how fast the book will appear on my blog unless you give me a specific date you would like it up by.  It is unfortunate, but I will only be able to do guest posts/giveaways with authors whose work I have read. I've had a few unpleasant encounters with authors I'm unfamiliar with not following up with their giveaway prize.

When sending a review request please include:

number of pages
BLURB. If I have to search on goodreads for it, then it becomes an automatic no.Review requests without a blurb will be deleted. If you send me a pdf or other format for review unsolicited do not be surprised if it doesn't get  reviewed.

NEW Disclosure: I run the book tour company ABG Reads Book Tours, and am paid for that. I review books from those tours on occasion, and also advertise for it here. Those posts and advertisements are marked Promo or ABG Reads Book Tours. On the reviews I write from there and guest posts & Author Interviews I post from authors on those tours I have been compensated by the author for that post. Those posts as stated, will be marked as being apart of ABG Reads Book Tours
I am also the volunteer distance assistant to Gini Koch who also writes under: Jemma Chase, G.J. Koch, and Anita Ensal. Please note that anything coming from me from her is not in any way related to my blog or ABG Reads Book Tours. I have not been paid to review her books.


I am not responsible for books that do not arrive from the publisher, author or get lost in the mail. No replacements will be made. Your email address will not be saved or used for any other purposes then to contact the winner in the contest for their mailing address. The winner may be contacted directly and not announced on this blog. If I do not hear from the winner within two days of contacting them, a new one will be chosen.