Monday, November 2, 2009

The Goddess of the Hunt by Tessa Dare

I first heard about Tessa Dare through Mandi at Smexybooks, and I remember reading the review and thinking: I must read this book! I immediately went to see if my local library had it, and much to my surprise they did! I really did have the best intentions to read this book weeks ago (I thought I had doomed it when I put on J Kaye's What Are you Reading Monday List-somehow those books never get read) but I got into a paranormal reading mode & forgot that I had the book from the library. After escaping three trips to the library, I decided that this book was crying out to be read. I am so glad I didn't return it to the library unread, because I would have totally missed out on a great new author.

The Plot:

Lucy Waltham has grown up with her older brother Henry, as her guardian. Whenever he and his friends from school would visit Waltham Manor she would follow them around and do whatever they did whether it was fishing or archery. Since Lucy was a child she's had a crush on one of her brothers friend, Toby. Everyone could see it except for the man in question. She is stunned when she finds out that plans on getting engaged to the perfect Sophia Hathaway (who happens to be visiting the manor) she plans on putting a stop to the engagement and winning Toby for herself.  She plans on seducing but even with the help of a book, isn't quite sure how to do it. After practicing her seducing skills by kissing one of her brothers friends, Jeremy Trescott, The Earl Of Kendall he decides that her brother isn't looking after her as well as he should, and it's up to him to do the job. He has a little help from her brother and his friends when they declare that he needs to pay some attention to Lucy so she isn't too hurt by Toby's upcoming engagement. What happens next is a heartwarming tale of Lucy realizing that maybe Toby isn't the guy for her, and the Earl of Kendall breaking the ice that surrounds his heart when he realizes that maybe he needs to let some one into to his closely guarded life.

My thoughts: 

I loved this book! What I liked most about it was that there was actually interaction between the main characters before the last 100 pages! I've noticed that in a lot of historical romances lately, that the new thing is to have the hero/heroine argue the entire book and or spend very little time together until they realize "gasp! I'm in love with the guy I thought was a big jerk!" I also think that the Everything Jane Austen challenge may have ruined me for all romance books. At first I was excited because there was not one mention of her in the book, but I kept thinking that the Earl was an awful lot like Mr. thoughts were confirmed when I read the back of the book and the author stated she was a fan of Jane Austen. Once I read that, I could totally see her the Austen influences in the book-but it's still such a sigh-worthy book! Eloisa James calls this book: “The sweetest, sexiest romance you’ll read all year ” and I have to agree! This book reminds of an early Julie Garwood or Jude Deveraux book...

Sigh Meter: High (Moments when I just have to sigh on the romantic parts of the book)
Swoonworthy Meter: Medium (This is where the romance has moments where I sigh and crush on the hero of the book)
Cheesy Line Meter: Medium (What's a romance without a few cheesy lines, like: "She relived every moment she spent in Jeremy's company-every argument, every glance, every meal." (Pg.174)