Friday, June 25, 2010

Review: The Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter

Title: The Darkest Whisper
Author: Gena Showalter
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Lords of the Underworld #4

The Darkest whisper is book four of the Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter. Each of the demons were responsible for opening Pandora's Box, and as punishment, are forced to house the demons that were in the box in their bodies. Sabin is the Keeper of Doubt-he must make whisper every ones greatest doubts to them.  He thinks that he is doomed to be alone, because no one can withstand the doubts he sends to them about their relationship. They all end up believing his demon or being hurt by the Lords greatest enemy, The Hunters. Instead of wasting time in a relationship, he spends his time fighting, and is the best among the Lords. Gwen is an immortal-a Harpy, and just wants to lead a normal life and do her best to ignore the Harpy in her.

When Gwen is captured by the Hunters, and freed by Sabin, an instant attraction forms between them. However, both have major trust issues with each other. Gwen doesn't trust Sabin because of all the horrible stories she heard from the guys who captured her and from her sisters, who said the Lords were to be feared.  Gradually, though the two come to understand each other and realize that they have a lot more in common with each other then they thought-but there still is the difficulty of trust between them and the two aren't sure if they'll be able to work things out.

My thoughts are all over the place about this book. While Sabin is probably my least favorite Lord, Gwen is up there with Anya as one of my favorite heroines. She had a lot of struggles with accepting who she really was, and finally realizes that it's just not worth it to pretend to be somebody else. I also loved it when she turned Harpy and kicked some serious butt! Sabin bothered me a lot with some of actions toward Gwen. I know he's the Keeper of Doubt and all - but dude, seriously! I really liked that we got to see more of Aeron, Gideon and Amun. I know that their books are up next, and I think a lot of time was spent on giving some of their story. The amount of time spent on setting up the next story just kind of proves my theory of that one book must fall in order to prolong the series. I felt like a lot of the story was just filler-I actually skimmed the last part of the book, and I never do that with the Lords! Another thing that gave me a lot of eyerolling with this book was the whole falling in love with the guy who kidnapped me plot. I know he saved her from some other bad guys, but to tell her that she couldn't leave the fortress, then have her fall in love with him anyway was just a bit much for me.

Even though this was my least favorite of the series, I still can't wait to read Aeron and Gideon's stories next! These books are like book candy. You just can't stop reading them. I have just one final question: Will we ever get Paris' and Torins story???? (I stopped looking at her website, because I just got depressed every time I saw another Lord get a story before them!)

Crush Meter: Medium
Sigh Meter: Medium
Barrons Hero Hotness Meter: Medium
Sleep Meter: High
Sizzle Meter: Low