Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review: The Secret Guide to Dating Monsters by Sierra Dean

Title: The Secret Guide to Dating Monsters 
Author: Sierra Dean 
Series: Secret Mcqueen .05: Prequel 
Genre: Urban Fantasy 
Publisher: Samhain 
Source: My copy 

This novella takes place a year before book one, Something Secret Comes This Way.  I enjoyed it because we got to know more about Secret's relationship with Holden, and Mercedes, her best friend who is a Detective. Secret gets set up on a blind date with a Detective that Mercedes knows, Tyler Nowakowski, but before she can go on it she gets a job-to take care of rogue vampire who just happens to be Hollywood's hottest star. 

Secret doesn't really want to go on the blind date, but gets talked into it and then gets annoyed that her job keeps getting in the way. Right before she goes on the date she is told by Holden Chancery, her warden or liaison with the vampire council where the rogue vampire will be so she can do her job and kill him. It was fun watching Secret trying to have a normal life while at the same time trying to do her job. There was a lot of action and twists and turns and despite my best wishes I ended up liking Holden a lot more then I did in book one. (I am a Team Desmond girl.) Seeing her with Holden gave me a new perspective on their relationship and I can see why she is drawn to him.

The Detective who Secret was set up with also a lot of fun, and I hope he shows up in future books. He knows something is up with Secret when she keeps disappearing on their date, and I loved how he didn't freak out too much when he saw her in action with her job.I liked how he ended up helping her as much as he could, and he wasn't forgotten as Secret went after the Rogue vampire who was great at being the bad guy in the novella. 

I could go on and on about how much I loved this novella but I don't want to give everything away. I'll just end with saying it's a fast, fun read and works great as a stand alone. No meters, because there wasn't a lot of romance in this one.