Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review: Hot Text by Cari Quinn

Title: Hot Text 
Author: Cari Quinn 
Genre: Erotica/Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Ellora's Cave 
Number of Pages: E book 
Source: Sent

Sometimes what you think you want and what you need are two very different things.As a technical editor, Jeffrey Maddox deals with plenty of words, leaving him few to spare on people, except his baby sister. To keep Daisy from wrecking her newly rehabbed life by shacking up with her older, married lover Lonny, he impulsively texts Lonny’s wife, Karyn. And then meets her at a coffee shop on a snowy night, ostensibly to convince her to stay with her philandering husband.But soon texting turns to sexting. After spending the night getting to know Karyn, Jeff wants something much more personal—Lonny’s wife. For himself.Despite her misgivings about Jeff’s intentions, Karyn can’t fight their attraction. She’s still not divorced, though she knows there’s no way she’ll return to her husband. But maybe an amazing night of conversation—and even more amazing lovemaking—can lead to more than just one night of hot text

Cari Quinn is fastly becoming a go to author when I need something hot and erotic to read. Nobody does it better!

I have to admit I was a little worried about this one because of the storyline. I just wasn't sure about the hero going after someone who was married. Well it turns out that I had nothing to worry about.  While Jeffrey might have gotten to known  Karyn out of revenge motives-he thinks his sister is dating a married man, and wants Karyn to know what he is up to. However, not everything is as it seems and Karyn ends up surprising him.

That's right-this novella is told primarily from a guys point of view and I loved it. Jeffery has been hurt in the past, and isn't prepared for the emotions that Karyn stirs in him.  He feels guilty for being attracted to some one who is almost, but not quite divorced and fights his feelings for doing what is right after a night of  unexpected passion.  It was wonderful watching both of these strong people fight for what they want and deserve. I like how both of them end up waiting and don't jump into a relationship right away. Karyn takes control of her life first and I loved that about this novella.

Hot Text is just very realistic and I loved how everything plays out and doesn't take away from the hotness that I have come to expect from Cari Quinn. All of her novellas impress me because they aren't your typical eroticas and their story lines somehow manage to pull at my heart strings while at the same time make me want to have a fan on hand for the steamy sex scenes.

Curran Crush Meter: Medium 
Sizzle Meter: High 
Rhiannon Kick Ass Heroine Meter: High  
Martini Sigh Meter: Low (Jeffrey is too tough for the the sigh meter, lol)