Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm in Love with Barrons.Seriously.

 PART ONE-The Journey

An Hour Ago
Wow. Seriously no words can describe what I'm feeling right now. Is there a support group out there? I needed a stiff drink after finishing this series. I was warned about the ending  this by JKaye (who wisely said she'd heard that the ending, was, well, a doozy.) and countless others, but I didn't listen. I have no one to blame but me.  Mandi From Smexybooks and KC from Smokinhotbooks kept checking on my progress-I should have known by their excitement that something big would happen.Wait...I didn't mean to start here. Let me back up a bit.
August 2009
On Twitter there was a buzz about DreamFever I didn't understand. I couldn't understand why people were so excited about this book. I'd read a few of Karen Marie Moning's Highlander books, loved them, but didn't see how this series could garner such excitement. How different could the Fever series be? Oh, to be that innocent again.
I began my journey on a cold November day. I had no idea how these books would mess up my reading schedule and TBR pile. I've never felt so compelled to a complete series back to back since I discovered Sherrilyn Kenyons Dark Hunter Series.
 PART TWO-The Reviews
  The Plot:

MacKayla Lane is from Ashford, Georgia and loves living in the Deep South. She likes her job as a waitress, and leaves ambitions to her sister Alina. Her favorite color is pink, polishing her nails and all things rainbow hued. Her world changes one fateful day when she gets a call telling her that her sister has been murdered in Dublin, where she was studying abroad at Trinity College. Against her parents wishes, she heads to Dublin to find out who killed her sister. Once there she finds that all is not what it seems, and finds that she has special gifts she knew nothing about it. As she delves further until solving the mystery of sisters death, meets the mysterious and sexy Jericho Barrons who
                      runs the bookstore Barrons Books and Baubles and the even more mysterious and super 
                     hot V'lane both who have mysteries of their own. 

My Thoughts: 
The best and worst part about this series is that the POV is written in first person-so we only get Mac's point of view. It had been so long since I read a book that was written this way that it threw me for a loop and was really hard to get used to. I alternated between loving Mac and wanting to shake some sense into her! One thing was certain-I couldn't get enough of Barrons! If you like your heros tall dark & mysterious then look no further! The ending made me want to toss the book across the room-in a good way. I was totally hooked and had to read more.
The Plot:

Mac's world used to be filled with pink. She thought that she and sister would live normal lives but that was all before she found about her gift to sense powerful fae objects. She's on the search for a book that holds dark magic, but can save the world if it's in the right hands. She isn't sure who she can trust-is Barrons all that he seems? And what exactly is V'lanes agenda with her? People and Fae are after her to stop her from finding the book, but she knows she has to find the book in order to keep our world and the Faes world from merging.

 My Thoughts: 
The hardest part in any series is trying to remember what happened in the first book. It took me a bit to remember what everything was, but once I did I was hooked. I think it took me two days to read the whole book. I loved how new characters were introduced, but the old ones were still there and not forgotten. The ending like the first one, had me wanting more....

The Plot: 

MacKayla Lanes life is totally different then what it used to be. She see things that other people can't. When she gets a torn page from her sisters Alinas diary mysteriously sent to her, it makes her want revenge that much more. She still doesn't know if she can completely trust Barrons or Vlane. Mac is still looking  for the book that will help save the world, but in the mean time has to deal with a cop who won't leave her alone and is digging into things he shouldn't be digging into. As Halloween approaches the city goes haywire and suddenly nothing is as it seems. What's a girl to do?

My Thoughts:
The problem with books in a series is that there is always one that isn't so great. For me, this was that book. I thought that there was too much repetition of what had already happened, and too much prepping for the next book. Of course when I got to the ending, all thoughts I had of why I didn't like the book flew out of my head and it was on to the next book!

The Plot:    
MacKayla Lanes continues to change. Things haven't gone so well since Halloween. Worlds are colliding and her relationships with the mysterious Barrons and Vlane has changed dramatically. She's become tougher and wiser, but still isn't sure who to trust in her quest to find the book of magic that will help both worlds and continues her search to find who murdered her sister.

My Thoughts:
 Out of all the books, this one is my favorite! If I hadn't gotten sick while reading this book, I think I could have finished it in one day! What I loved most about it is how strong Mac has become, and how much other characters in the book have grown. While we've gotten to know more about Barrons, he still remains as mysterious as before. The ending totally floored me. I can't remember the last time I was so surprised about an ending of a book-totally didn't see this one coming. After I finished reading this, I really wished that I had something stronger in the house to drink then beer! You'll need something strong after finishing this book.

Question: Why isn't there an I love Barrons button out there? 

Swoonworthy Meter: Extremely High
Sigh Meter: High (This may be renamed the Barrons sigh meter!)
Times the color pink was mentioned: Too many
Times I wanted to shake some sense into Mac: Countless
Times I threw the book across the room: 2 (The endings! Who leaves a story hanging like that?!)

Favorite Quotes, courtesy of Goodreads:
  • You're leaving me, Rainbow Girl
  • Oh ye of little faith. Not for IYD... But you didn't even try." 
  • Nobody looks good in their darkest hours. But it's those hours that make us what we are. 
  • "One day you may kiss a man you can't breath without, and find breath is of little consequence.