Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gift from the Heart by Suzanne Barrett

Title: Gift From The Heart
Author: Suzanne Barrett 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Number of Pages: Ebook 
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press

 Amy Wilson struggles to make a home for herself and her small son in the Northern California town of Riverton. Widowed and alone, and saddled with debt from her husband’s failed business, she vows to pay off his creditors herself and remain independent from her overbearing in-laws. Shay McHugh is dissatisfied with his life. At thirty-three, he has a home on the river which he has just remodeled, a white Porsche, a powerboat, and a position as manager of Riverton’s ValuKing Supermarket. But lately he finds life doesn’t offer the fulfillment he craves. Something is lacking. When he meets Amy, he has an overwhelming desire to protect her, which is exactly the thing Amy has been escaping. Can the two set aside their differences and make room for love?

 A Gift From The Heart is a novella, and with all novellas I try to keep in mind that characters aren't going to be as developed as they would in a full length book, but..I had one tiny little problem with the hero in this's such a silly little thing  I know it's fiction, so anything is possible but I just couldn't get over a supermarket manager owning a Porsche and a powerboat. It's just not happening. I know, because I come from a family of grocers.  This part of the story bothered me so much that I had a hard time connecting to Shay. Since this is a story about Christmas and having dreams come true I set aside my grudge against Shay owning a Porsche  out of my mind and enjoyed the story. It's sweet, short and uplifting.  

I kinda blame Shay's low scores on the Porsche thing.

Curran Crush Meter: Low 
Barrons Hero Hotness Meter: Low 
Ethan/Merit Sizzle Meter: Low 
Martini Sigh Meter: High