Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dance Upon The Air by Nora Roberts (Take A Chance Challenge)

This is another book I read for the Take A Chance Challenge. This was for the public spying part of the challenge. I spotted someone reading this in the hospital waiting room while my mom was undergoing a total hip replacement surgery. (She's healing remarkably fast and feeling so much better now, and it's only been 2 weeks!)

Dance Upon the Air is the first book in Three Sisters Trilogy. It tells the story of Nell Channing, and her escape from an abusive husband. She is drawn to the island, and quickly finds a job at a bookstore cafe where she meets Mia Devlin. The two become best friends. While working at the cafe, she meets the island's Sheriff Zach Todd and his sister Ripley.

The two develop a friendship and of course a romance. Nora Roberts does an excellent job of weaving the story of the Island and the original Three Sisters into the plot, but I just couldn't get into the story. I think the main problem was I knew what the climax would be before it happened: Abusive husband would come back and Nell, Mia, Ripley and Zach would have to save Nell from him. By the time that part finally came in the book it was so predictable that I just shook my head. (I think maybe I've read too many formulatic romances...)

Despite my almost intense dislike and my inability to feel sorry for Nell, I'm almost tempted to read the other two books in this series because I liked Mia and Ripley much better then Nell. The islanders in this book were charming-and likable. It would be fun to see them in the other books. I gave this book 2/5 stars on goodreads. There were parts of the book I enjoyed-but more that I didn't. If you are a fan of Nora Roberts, you'll probaby like this book.