Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Night of the Living Dead: Zombie Challenge

I'm taking part in the Zombie Challenge hosted by Velvet at vvvb32 reads. The challenge is apart of September Zombies Week Aug 29 to Sept. 5, 2009.

I decided to watch the Night of the Living Dead, because in the words of my Brother in Law G: "How could I have not watched this movie before now?"

As as I started watching this movie I thought: "No, don't say a prayer for the murderer after someone spit on him!" and "Don't say they are coming to get you" while you are in a graveyard during a thunderstorm. Also, when a radio station is about to you why they've been off the air, do not turn it off before you hear why! It could keep you from turning into a zombie!!

Random thoughts/questions I had during the movie:

  • How could the Zombies break into cars, but not houses? Or rather, how did it take them 80 minutes to break into the house, and only five to get into the cars?
  • Why were they afraid of fire?
  • Did they really think that putting a table in front of the door and boarding up the windows would keep the zombies out?
  • How did the zombies multiply so fast?
  • Why didn't they realize that the fire combined with gas would lead to an explosion? -If your jacket gets caught in a burning truck, let it go. Just get out!
  • I think I know how Pride & Prejudice Zombies was created: I think that Seth Grahame-Smith was watching a zombie movie while his wife/girlfriend read the Jane Austen Classic.
  • The zombie walk was pretty cool.
  • I loved the jargon of the day like: "no sweat!"
  • What was the point of the blonde girl again?
  • Why did the zombie eat bugs?
Favorite line of the movie:
Reporter to police chief: "Are they slow?" The Police Chief to the reporter: "They're dead. Of course they move pretty slow!"