Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Review: Dark Lover by J.R. Ward BDB #1

Title: Dark Lover
Author: J.R. Ward
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series; Black Dagger Brotherhood #1

When all the hoopla on Twitter started about Lover Mine by J.R. Ward it reminded me of when DreamFever by Karen Marie Moning came out last year. I hadn't read the Fever Series and didn't understand why people were so crazy about it. I was trying to remember why I, lover of all things paranormal didn't start either series when they started.  Then I remembered: 2005-2006 was my short attempt at giving up romances and reading only "serious" literature. Thank goodness it didn't last very long!

Back to twitter-I remember innocently asking Hanging with Bells something like "So, I guess this is series is one I should read, right?" Then I got same gasp I got when I told people I hadn't read the Fever series. Before I knew it, Stacy from Stacy's Place on Earth, Twimom227, and Sparklybearsy from Ramblings From A Book Bitch had me convinced that my life wasn't complete until I read this series. Before I knew it I had ordered the box set of books 1-6 from evil Amazon (darn them & their good deals!)  and half way through  reading Dark Lover, knew that I was going to be hooked on this series.

Where do I begin with this book? Let's begin with Wrath who I loved almost as much as I love Barrons. He's hawt with a capital H and underneath all that toughness and bad assness lies a guy with a soft heart. I love heroes like that! He's also the last purebreed vampire left in the world, and even though he fights it, is ruler of the vampires. Out of necessity he and his group of warriors, known as the Black Dagger Brotherhood fight those known as the lessers who want to see all vampires dead at any cost.  One of his warriors dies, and leaves him with the job of protecting his daughter Beth, who knows nothing about the vampire side of her family. Beth is one of those heroines who slowly grew on me. I can't remember now what issues I had with her except to say that by the end of the book I really liked her toughness and ability to finally accept the changes in her life without becoming a TSTL kind of heroine.  The brothers were all great and I loved how they were all introduced and I felt like they were old friends by the end of the book. There is just one problem I had with the book-Mr.X. I didn't like that character at all, and though he was necessary, I had just had issues with believing his whole storyline.

I so can't wait to read the rest of the story and thanks for those of you who convinced me that I had to read this series! I finally lost my BDB Virginity and am proud of it!

Sigh Meter: High
Crush Meter: High 
Sizzle Meter: High
Sleep Meter: Low
Tv Meter: Low (was there a tv on?)
Hotness on the Barrons Meter: High