Friday, January 8, 2010

To Tempt A Scotsman by Victoria Dahl

I finally decided to try a Victoria Dahl book after seeing her name thrown around twitter a lot. After reading so many books about demons, fae and magic  I decided I need a nice, calm, gentle historical romance with a little bit of steamy romance in it to slow things down a bit.  It has been so long since I read a historical romance that it was a bit hard for me to switch genres. I guess I got used to heroines who knew what they wanted and aren't afraid to say it or go after it. Historical romance heroines can be like that, it just takes a bit longer to get to that point then in UF books.

The Plot:

Lady Alexandra Huntington has found herself ruined at young age. She was invovled in a scandal  that left one man dead and another one on the run. She removed herself from London Society and thinks that she is content managing her brothers estate. After promising his dying father to find out what happened in that scandal that left his half brother dead, Collin Blackburn makes it his mission to find out what this Lady Alexandra had to do with everything that happened that night. He expects to find a strumpet, but soon finds out that Lady Alexandra is not at all what he thought and isn't prepared for the feelings he finds for her. 

My Thoughts:
I really wanted to love this book. However, I had a hard time believing in the romance between Lady Alexandra and Collin. The story had all the right ingredients-but it just had one smokin love scene, and the two just too long to finally realize that they were meant to be together. I'll give this author another chance with one of her contemporaries which are supposed to be much better. I wish I could count this toward one of my challenges, but alas I finished this after Christmas. Edited to add: that I had just finished Karen Marie Monings Fever series right before starting this book, so that could be a huge reason why I wasn't that into it.

SwoonWorthy Meter: Low
Sigh Meter: Low
Cheesy Line Meter: High
Smoldering Love Scene Meter: Low

FTC Disclaimer: I borrowed this from the library