Thursday, September 6, 2012

How To Lose a Demon in 10 Days by Saranna DeWylde

Title: How to Lose A Demon In 10 Days
Author: Saranna DeWylde
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: 10 Days #1
Publisher: Kenningston Brava
Number of Pages: 320
Source: Publisher  

Grace does. She's got more demon than she can saddle. In fact, she's got a sinfully sexy Crown Prince of Hell named Caspian. She's also got ten days to get rid of him or Bad Things shall ensue. See, her Russian mobster ex-boyfriend didn't take kindly to her smutty Mephistophelean contract. It's not that she's conspiring with fiends; that was his idea. It's that she's conspiring against him with outrageous devilry that runs the gamut from embarrassing to a dead hooker turned dominatrix demon gunning for his soul.
One should never trust demons, let alone shag them. They don't have hearts. Yet Grace is buying hers some slightly tarnished armor and hoping that once he's been shoveled into it, kicking and screaming, he'll find it's just his size. This wicked witch needs a white knight--or at least a Prince of Darkness for a Happily Ever After

Never mess with a woman who knows how to summon a demon, and not just any demon either to get revenge on you. Graces scum of the earth boyfriend Michael finds this out the hard way when she summons Caspian, a Crown Prince of Hell to get back at him. 

I loved that Grace knew she was summoning a demon and had no regrets about doing it. Caspian won me over on the first page he was on. He and Grace were a great match for one another and their chemistry was sizzling hot.  There is a lot of humor in this book, and I loved that. Caspian has some great tricks up his sleeve for getting back at Michael, and sending demon crabs on him was just one of those tricks which I enjoyed. (What can I say? He totally deserved them!)

This book had everything going for it: a witty, independent heroine, a smokin hot alpha male, a cringe worthy villain, and lovable secondary characters. This book should have been an instant favorite with me. However, what started to lose me was this: the plot itself was predictable, but I didn't mind that because I enjoyed Caspian and Grace so much. What I did mind though was that the mystery was revealed to the reader before it was revealed to Grace, so the whole book is spent waiting for her to figure out it. There are some emotional scenes with Grace when she finally gets a clue as to what is really going on, but for me it was too late. However, I liked Grace and Caspian so much by this point, that I kept reading because I really wanted to see Michael get what he deserved. He was such a fun villain to cheer against.  

The other thing that lost me was that every.single.character. had their own chapter. Even the villains minion, minon girlfriend had her own chapter. Granted, everything came together in the end, but it made  hard to fully connect to the main characters. 

How to Lose A Demon in 10 Days was original, and for a debut book wasn't bad. I think I was just frustrated because I wanted a lot more of Grace and Caspian together and all the other characters kept getting in the way, lol. I requested book two in this series at the same time that I did this one, and while I had major issues with this book, I am actually looking forward to reading it because Grace and Caspian were so much fun. 

Barrons Hero Hotness Meter: High 
Curran Crush Meter: High 
Martini Sigh Meter: High 
Rhiannon Kick Ass Heroine Meter: Low-ish (almost a medium)