Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pleasure Unbound By Larissa Ione

I really wish I could remember where I first heard about Larissa Ione from because I owe someone a big thank you!

Pleasure Unbound is the first book in the Demonica series, and lets just say I did a lot of sighing while reading this book. Eidolon is so swoonworthy! Tayla is a demon slayer who gets involved in a nasty fight with a bunch of demons-her demon slaying partner is killed during the fight, but Tayla while injured, survives and is taken to the demon hospital. (Underworld General) When it's discovered that she's a demon slayer working for the Aegi, the founder of the hospital, Eidolon decides it's his job to protect her from his staff who'd rather see her dead-he's also honor bound to help her because of the charter in the hospital says that he has to help anyone who comes in.

The two have an instant attraction to each other but fight it because they are sworn enemies. Tayla hates it that she is attracted to Eidolon because she's been taught that all demons are evil. Eidolon isn't any happier that he's attracted to someone who has killed so many of his kind.  Each have their own problems. This being a steamy romance Tayla's problem is that she can't get pleasure from sex (the same problem the hero from my last book had) and Eidolon's problem is that he's  getting ready to go through what's called the change and needs to find a mate before he's transformed into something awful.  Someone is stealing demon body parts and selling them on the black market. Eidolon and his brothers Shade & Wraith (who have the same father but different mothers) think it's the Aegi, the group that Tayla demon slays for. Tayla knows that her group isn't involved.Will the two be able to overcome their differences & follow their hearts while finding out who is responsible for the awful crime being committed? 

My thoughts: To borrow a phrase from Eidolon's brother Shade: "hells fucking bells" this was a great book!  There was so much going on in the book that my little synoposis really didn't do the storyline justice-but I didn't want to give anything away. I really liked how Larissa Ione was able to make Tayla into a likable, strong, kick butt heroine. So many times authors in attempt to make their heroine strong, make her completely unlikable and by the time you figure why she is the way she is it's too late and total dislike has set in. I liked how the hot and heavy bedroom scenes didn't take away from the storyline. So many times the storyline gets forgotten.  When I opened the book and saw that there was a glossary I shuddered and thought that wasn't a good sign. I have never been more wrong in a first impression. I couldn't put the book down! I so don't want to take this book back to the library-I can't wait to read books 2 & 3!

I almost forgot: Jo Jos book Corner  is having a contest with Pleasure Unbound. It's open until November 22. Go and check it out!

Sigh Meter:  What's higher then high? Very High will have to do...
Swoon-Worthy Meter: Very High
Hot Love Scene Meter: Very High (but nothing too wild for those that are leary of that kind of thing in romances.)
Cheesy Line Meter: Low (or maybe the one in then last book I read was so high that the cheesy lines in this book weren't noticeable)
Cool Fantasy Stuff Meter: High (They had portals to travel through, a hospital that wasn't visible to humans and other cool things.)