Thursday, July 30, 2009

Persuasion by Jane Austen

I read this book as apart of the Everything Jane Austen challenge hosted by the wonderful Stephanie. :)

Background: I bought my copy of Persuasion after watching the Lake House. Sandra Bullock talks about her dad gave it to her, and if I remember the movie correctly plays a big part in helping the two know where the other has been. It sat untouched on my bookshelf until I read a Jane Austen themed book for the Everything Jane Austen Challenge that was supposed to be based on Persuasion and I thought that if I read it would help me like and understand the book better. (All it did however, was make me realize what a poor imitation the book was of the original version.)

Plot: Anne Elliot is the youngest of three sisters and her father is a very old school aristocrat. He and her middle sister, think only of themselves. When Anne is young she meets and falls in love with Frederick Wentworth. Those around her-including her closest friend, Lady Russell, deem that he is unworthy for the daughter of a baronet. Anne is heartbroken, but follows the wishes of others instead of her heart.

Eight years later fortunes are reversed. Anne's father has lost everything, and they are forced to rent out their house. As luck would have it, the people who rent it are relatives of one Frederick Wentworth who is now a naval captain. Anne's father rents a house in bath, but Anne is invited to help out her eldest sister, and crosses paths again with Captain Wentworth. Thus begins an attempt to repair their past relationships...others try to persuade them in other directions, but will Anne be persuaded by others again or follow her heart?

My review: It did take me awhile to get into the book, but once I did I fell in love with the book. I loved everything about it! After reading so many books that were only 2 star worthy, I finally found a romance I could love. I'm not sure why I could relate so much to the character: maybe it's because I'm the oldest of three sisters and could relate to the different sisterly squabbles and intentions. Or maybe it's because I have many well intentioned interfering friends and family, but I loved every minute of this book. I'm now going to have see the BBC movie.