Thursday, November 11, 2010

Review: Personal Research by Cari Quinn

Title: Personal Research
Author: Cari Quinn 
Genre: Erotica 
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Number of Pages: 84

I was lucky enough to win this book by Cari Quinn, and all I can say is that I'm just sorry it took me so long to read this book. I flew through the pages of this novella.With quotes like this one:

What should I call you when you’re inside me?” she asked around his finger when he attempted to silence her again. He grinned and appeared to think for a moment then lowered his head until his lips replaced his fingertip. “Yours.”Hmm, kind of cheesy, but it fit the mood of the moment. By then his tongue had dipped into her mouth and she didn’t care to argue anyway.

I was laughing and smiling all the way through this book.

Elena's day job as a legal secretary pays the bills, but she longs for something more. While she's at work she writes hot erotica novels. Due to fast fingers, she accidentally printed out her latest chapter to the office printer..which was broken. Nunzio, the hot Italian IT guy who everyone is the office wants, is intrigued by what he finds in the office printer. He finds himself reading the steamy words on the paper..until Elena comes running out of her office and attempts to explain what came out of the paper. Nunzio can't believe that the proper legal secretary wrote what was on the paper and finds that he has to find out more about her.  When the two meet again, they find that they have more on their mind then just office talk, and hot office smex begins. Elena can't believe she's having this fling, and Nunzio wants to prove to Elena that he can be more then just an office fling. The question is how to convince her...

You might have heard, but there is desk smex in this book! Once I read The Ramblings of A Book Bitch review of this book, I knew I had to read it. Let's just say that the desk smex is just the tip of the iceberg, and there are many more hot and steamy scenes. I really enjoyed the banter between Elena and Nunzio, and found myself not wanting this story to end.  This novella is guaranteed to make you smile and wish you had an Italian all of your own. 

Curran Crush Meter: Medium High
Sigh Meter: High     
Favorite sigh quote: “You should feel proud of what you’ve accomplished, not condemn yourself for not having more. You’re enough, just as you are.”
Barrons Hero Hotness Meter: Medium High
Ethan/Merit Sizzle Meter: High
Rhinannon Kick Ass Meter: Eh, it's not really fair to Elena to have this meter b/c it's not a kick ass kind of book. I'm ranking her as a high because she was actually a normal heroine and very likable.