Sunday, March 11, 2012

Review: Cruise To Murder by Zoey and Claire Kane

Title: Cruise to Murder
Authors: Zoey & Claire Kane
Genre: Mystery 
Series:The Zoey & Claire Mystery Series #2
Publisher: Breezy Reads
Source: Sent by the authors

When The Sunburst, an elite celebrity cruise ship, sets sail to Kinikiwiki Island, trouble follows billionaire Felix Belmont across the high seas. The curiosity of a mother-daughter-duo gets them tangled up in voodoo, murders and an international conspiracy surrounding him. The islanders don't know it, but their lives are all in danger, too... And their only hope is vacationers Zoey and Claire Kane (smashwords)

Cruise to Murder was just as much fun to read as The Riddle of Hillgate was. While this is book 2, it reads well as a stand alone, and readers won't feel lost if they haven't read book 1.  Zoey and Claire are such a fun mother and daughter team. Zoey, the mother is always doing something outrageous that has Claire shaking her head. This mystery has a little bit of everything: romance, murder, voodoo and more. There were enough twists and turns to keep me guessing as to who was responsible for the murders and why they happened. 

While there is a lot going on in this book, I never felt lost and kept waiting to see what crazy thing would happen to Zoey and Claire. This was just a fun read a nice break from the genres I normally read. The romances the two were great because it wasn't serious and I loved how the two teased each other about the guys.

The only problem I had with this one was that I am so used to reading books in first person that the narration of some things that the two did was hard for me to get used for some reason. Once I got used to it though, everything moved right along. I can't wait to see what trouble Claire and Zoey will get into next. 

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Favorite Quotes: 

As they approached the beach front of the caves, Claire announced: "I once walked nine miles at Yosemite Park." 
: Is that the one where the ranger had to sit you down in the shade and give you water? Then gave you a ride back?"
 "You ruin a good story."

"Well, did Larry kiss you and was it magical or at least great?"
"Yes, It was a polite, quick kiss at my door."