Thursday, August 19, 2010

Review: Lover Avenged by JR Ward


Title:  Lover Avenged
Author: J.R. Ward 
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood #7

It's funny how this book was the hardest one so far for me to get into, but it ended up being my favorite. I just loved Rehv. Rehvenge isn't apart of the brotherhood, but his sister, Bella has married one of the brothers. He's kept his distance because he has a secret that if it got out would put everyone in a tough situation. He has purposely stayed away from the brothers because of his secret, but when he finds out about a plot that could harm the King, Wrath, he knows he has to warn them about it. The only good thing in his life is Ehlena, who reminds him that there are still some good people left in the world.

Out of all the books in this series, this one has been my favorite-despite how annoying Ehlena was. I really liked Rehv, and I'm not sure why. He's not the toughest or the baddest vampire, but he just hit a soft spot with me. I liked how even though he went through some horrible stuff with the Princess and did some equally horrible stuff, he dealt with it, and still had issues with what he did, even though it was for the right reasons. I liked Ehlena right up until the "Oh, no I can't love him" part. I was so annoyed that I actually groaned out loud. My mom who was in the room with me went: "what's wrong?" and laughed when I told her. Luckily for Ehlena, she redeemed herself pretty quickly with the whole rescue mission. I loved her and Xhex teaming up together!

Speaking of Xhex..that brings me to the side stories. There were so many of them that it made the first 200 pages really difficult to wade through, because every other chapter was a new pov.

Wrath:: Loved his story. I also loved the return of Beth. I wish that she and Mary had a larger part of the books. I hate how the heroines just kind of disappear after their books, so it was nice to see Beth and Wrath get their own story.
Tohr: Loved seeing him struggle. I can't wait to see him and JM go at it in Lover Mine.
JM: I love this kid. He annoyed the crap out of me in the first book, but I'm totally in love with him now.
When Xhex handed him her house key at the club, I went awww out loud.
Qhuay: I wanted more of  them!!

All in all I am so thankful for those on twitter who convinced me not to give up on this series!!

Curran Crush Meter: High
Sigh Meter: Medium
Ethan/Merit Sizzle Meter: Low
Sleep Meter: Low ( I always stay up much too late reading these books!!