Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hour 18 update

 Update: It's almost 2:30am and I'm calling it a night. I keep reading the same sentence over and over again. I had fun doing the readathon!

I'm running out of steam, but this is the time of night when I get a lot of reading done. I've never been a morning reader or a morning anything! I've decided that since I read 3 books, I am going to donate $30 to the Cindy Houdeshell Morris Scholarship Fund at William Carey University. How I found this scholarship is found here. If I happen to finish the book I'm on now, I'll throw in another $10. I wish my budget could afford for me to donate more. Here are my stats so far:

Number of pages read:  748 
Number of books read:  3 (just started my fourth)
Number of Mini Challenges entered: 2
Number of tweets: I lost count!

The one thing I did accomplish with this challenge was that I finished the Take A Chance Challenge-something I didn't think I'd do! I had so much fun meeting so many great people. Thank you to the cheerleaders for stopping by and making my day brighter.