Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ecstasy: the shadowdwellers, book 1

I grabbed this book one Friday night when I needed a romance to lose myself in. Jacquelyn Frank did not disappoint. If you are in the mood for a steamy (and I mean steamy) romance, then look no further then this book.

Esctasy is the first book of a new series called shadowdwellers. It tells the story of Trace, who is a Shadowdweller vizier for the twin monarchs, and Ashla Townsend, a human healer who gets trapped in the world of the shadowdwellers when she falls into a coma after getting being involved in a car accident.

This is a story about conquering fears, finding love and learning to trust again.

When Ashla finds herself alone in an empty New York city she's not sure what to think. She wonders along until one day she spots two men fighting with swords. Much to their surprise, she can see them. When Trace is injured by the fight, Ashla takes heals him.

The author goes into a lot of detail about the shades of gray area where Ashla is, and how much time shadow dwellers can spend there. Along the way there is a plot discovered to get rid of the current twin monarchs, of whom Trace works for. Trace and Ashla work together to find out who is behind the plot against the monarchs life, fall in love and have some very hot love scenes.

For those familiar with Ms. Franks writing, disappointment might be in store for you. There is just one brief appearance by a character from her other books. As a new reader to her, I enjoyed this part of the new series. Too often, the storyline and characters of the new world are forgotten because the author is so concerned about bringing in past storylines.

While this wasn't one of my favorite books, I am looking forward to the next Shadowdweller book and reading some of her older stuff. :)