Sunday, May 17, 2009

Enchantment by Christiana Skye

Enchantment is the first book in the Draycott Legacy by Christina Skye. This book has recently been republished by Harlequin and I fell for the new cover. I had forgotten that I had read this book years ago until I started reading it and went: "this story sounds familiar..." That being said, I wasn't disappointed with this first story in the book.

Plot: Kacey Mallory is an American who is an art expert. She's come to Draycott Abbey in England at the request of Viscount Draycott to see if a painting by Whistler is authentic or a forgery, but she gets more then she bargained for.

There is the evil Triad Lord who is after Nicholas, Lord Draycott. He believes that Nicholas has something of his and will stop at nothing to get it returned to him. There is also the castle ghost, the former Lord Draycott who helps the two remember the love they once shared in another life. While the two stories are different, they blend together wonderfully.

Review: This is what paranormal romance is all about! It brings the past and present together without leaving the reader confused. Both story lines merge together and this is one novella that I wished was a full length book. The mysterious lovable ghost with his ghost cat are a wonderful side story and I found myself loving both of them. This is a quick read that won't leave you disappointed.