Monday, May 25, 2009

Size 14 is not fat either, by Meg Cabot

In attempt not to read Dante's Inferno for a book club, I started reading this. What made the first book a cute, fun read made this one redundant. Somewhere along the way, I started liking the side characters better then the heroine, Heather Wells. This is the second book in the Heather Wells mystery story. The main plot is about finding out who killed Lindsay, a popular cheerleader on campus.

I figured out who did it pretty fast, but was in denial thinking it couldn't be that obvious. It was that obvious. I think the main problem I had with the character is at heart, Meg Cabot is a children's author. She doesn't make the transition to adult fiction very well. I felt like I was being talked down to the entire book. When she started bashing the Greek system (and she admits at the end she doesn't know any one who was in a fraternity or sorority, it was just to much for me to take. I still can't decide if these mysteries are meant for adults, or teenagers..they just seem to be a bit graphic for teens, but what do I know?