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Giveaway & Character Interview with Sunny Black from Alannah Lynne's Last Call

Please help me welcome  a character from a book I really enjoyed. Sunny Black, from Alannah Lynne’s LAST CALL (Heat Wave Series #2) is visiting with us today, and she’s brought audio copies of LAST CALL and SAVIN’ ME (Heat Wave Series #1) to give away!

Sunny: Hi Colette!! Thanks for letting me join you today! Gavin and I have had a wild week, traveling the virtual globe with stops on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, and of course, the blogosphere. I stay so busy with the Blackout, it’s been nice to get out and about. Thanks for letting me wrap up my rounds with you and your friends.

Colette: Glad to have you here. Tell us a little about you and Gavin… How did you meet?

Sunny:  *laughs* He came into my bar, the Blackout Bar and Grill, and… well, we got off to a bit of a rocky start. Let me show you…
Bartender Sunny Black had her head down in the beer chiller, her arm buried to the elbow in ice, when she heard, “Can I get a blowjob, sex on the beach, and a screaming orgasm, please?”
She rolled her eyes and continued to shift bottles in the cooler without responding. She really needed a better system for taking inventory.
The problem?
Bent over like this, her ass stuck straight up in the air, which seemed to be an open invitation for assholes to hit on her by ordering the raunchiest drink names they could think of. Hard to believe these guys thought she hadn’t heard it all before.
She’d been hoping for a quiet night, so she could close up early. But Mr. Hardy-har-har undoubtedly had a posse—jerks always traveled in packs—and they always stayed until last call, using every available minute to get as drunk and obnoxious as possible. She’d be lucky if she got out of here before midnight.
She shifted the Budweisers to the side and resumed counting. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten.
“Ma’am, did you hear me?”
With her free hand, she pulled the Dum-Dum out of her mouth and licked the sticky from her lips. “Look, Romeo,” she said, tilting her head so her voice carried to him, rather than echoing around the cooler, “I’ll give you five points for a nice, smooth voice. But you lose ten for being a tad overzealous.”
She jammed the sucker back into her mouth and resumed counting. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen.
“What the hell are you talking…” His voice trailed off, and then roaring laughter settled over her like thick, heavy honey drizzled on a piping hot biscuit.
He seemed genuinely amused, and she grew curious enough about the man behind the laugh to risk an encouraging look. She leaned back and lifted her head so she could see over the bar.
Holy cow. Even while slurping on a saliva-inducing butterscotch sucker, her mouth went bone dry.
The guy’s features were amazing. The Great Sculptor had pressed her thumbs into the flesh of his cheeks, then pulled an upward stroke, leaving behind a slight indention, while at the same time creating high, rugged cheekbones. His square jaw led to a square chin that projected a strong, confident individual. His eyes were like brilliant sapphires, topped by severe dark brows.
His features were sharp, and if not smiling, he would appear harsh, hostile even. But softened by that grin, she found him utterly—and literally—breathtaking.
“I think you misunderstood my request.” His eyes twinkled with amusement.

Colette: I take it you worked through the misunderstanding?

Sunny: Oh yeah! *grins sheepishly*

Colette: What scenes from the book seem to get the most attention or are favorites among readers?

Sunny: The first kiss and the schnapps scenes seem to be the two that readers comment on the most. In the first kiss scene, I’m sitting on the counter behind the bar, and Gavin had just asked me what my favorite drink is. I gotta be honest… with him that close, looking at me the way he was, I wasn’t thinking about drinks!!

She swallowed hard. “My personal favorite is a french kiss.”
His gaze dropped to her mouth, and, fueled by the fire she saw in his eyes, she flicked her tongue over her top lip, then drug it along her lower. Knowing her action had been strictly for his pleasure, his lids dropped to half-mast, and he smiled appreciatively.
With agonizingly slow movements, he stepped between her knees, took her face in his large palms, and dipped his head. With his mouth inches from hers, he whispered, “You don’t mean the kind in a glass, do you?”
She shook her head, then closed her eyes and felt. Felt his warm breath against her mouth, his rough palms against her face, and his solid thighs against her softer ones. A viscous wave of need washed through her, and she found it difficult to make her voice work. “I love kisses. french and otherwise. In fact, I love kisses as much as sex.”
He drew back, as if horrified. “You’ve either been with some outstanding kissers, or lousy lovers.” He leaned back in. “Which is it?”
Since she could count her lovers on one hand, not including the thumb, she couldn’t say for sure. But she refused to admit that. Knowing she hadn’t had sex in three years was bad enough. If he knew the full extent of her inexperience, he might wonder what was wrong with her.
She ignored the question and concentrated on his mouth, which was so close she could see the soft lines in his lower lip. Yet, he might as well have been a block away for all the good it did. Trying to close the scant distance between them, she gripped his forearms and tugged. He didn’t move, and her desperation twisted into a tight coil in her gut.
“Patience, Sunny.” His eyes were full of heat and promise, his voice a husky murmur. “We’ll never have another first kiss. Don’t rush it.”
Unable to form an intelligent thought, let alone speak, Sunny stared into his eyes and willed him to move faster. She held her breath and let her eyelids drift shut as he eased closer and kissed the corner of her eye, then her temple, then her ear.
His hand slipped to the back of her head and held her in place as his lips made a slow excursion along her jawline and ended at the corner of her mouth.
His tongue stroked the crease of her lips, and she opened to him with a sigh. She could tell he was smiling, taking pleasure in teasing her. He didn’t make her wait long, though, before he treated her with full mouth-to-oh-what-an-amazing-mouth contact.
Slow, rhythmic thrusts of his tongue kicked her base instincts into gear, and she wiggled closer to the edge of the counter, seeking a different kind of thrusting penetration. His tongue swept across the roof of her mouth in a gentle caress, then slid over her teeth. He nipped at her lip, then worked the sting away with a slow, slick glide.
Good grief, Gavin didn’t kiss. He made love with his tongue and mouth. Within seconds, she was trembling and rubber-legged and grateful to be sitting. Otherwise, she’d be a glob of goo, sliding onto the floor. When he broke the kiss for a breath, she said, “If you were trying to convince me kissing isn’t as good as sex, you’re doing a poor job.”

Sunny: This is the schnapps scene:
He picked up the blanket from the corner he’d stashed it in earlier, then laid it on the pool table closest to the door. “How long will it take you to wrap things up here?” he asked, stepping behind Sunny. “I have special plans for you.”
She was facing the mirrored wall, and he watched the dullness in her eyes turn to glittering anticipation. “Just a few minutes.” She picked up the container of Redi Whip then hesitated. Smiling, she set it back down and caught his gaze in the reflection of the mirror. She popped the sucker from her mouth and said, “Robby is staying at a friend’s tonight. We don’t have to go to the beach.”
He pressed his body against hers and stroked his fingers down her arms. “Yeah, we do. I promised you sex on the beach.” Holding her gaze in the mirror, he nuzzled her neck. “You know you’re killing me with those damned suckers, right?” A smile played at her mouth, and she shook her head. “I can’t watch you suck on one without imagining what it would be like to be the lucky bastard.”
Her breath hitched, and she twisted in his arms. “Oh yeah?” She trailed her fingers down his chest, past the drawstring on his borrowed shorts, and cupped the hard proof of his confession. “Mmmm… Do you know what my favorite flavor is?”
He gulped. “No.”
“Peppermint.” She looked up at him with a sad, pouty expression. “But they don’t make suckers in that flavor.” She reached behind her and grabbed a bottle of peppermint schnapps off the shelf. “Maybe I could make my own.”
He struggled to make his lungs work as he followed her train of thought. He’d never experienced this personally—hey, a first for him—but he heard other guys talk. The peppermint, combined with the cool air in the room, added to the already intense sensations of the woman’s mouth.
But hell, he was cranked so tight it wouldn’t take but three seconds of Sunny’s mouth on him and he’d be a goner.
Her fingers shook as she pulled at the drawstring of his shorts and loosened the waistband. She flipped her gaze to his and hesitated, as if gauging his reaction to make sure it was okay for her to continue.
Only a fool would tell this woman no… to anything.
He took her face in his palms and lowered his mouth to hers for a hot, searing kiss. Keeping their mouths connected, he murmured, “I’m okay with anything you want to do… or try.”

Colette: Wow, that sounds interesting! What about some of the other characters we meet in LAST CALL? Will any of them have their own stories?

Sunny: They sure will! My younger brother, Robby, is a readers’ favorite, and he’ll eventually have his own story. He needs to get through school and mature a little before he gets his happily ever after. Surprisingly enough, Callie--who isn’t a friend to me in the beginning, but changes dramatically toward the end--gets asked about a lot, too. Lucky for her, she’s up next in the Heat Wave Series!! GOING ALL IN (Heat Wave Series Book #4) will be out in late April or early May. 

Colette: That looks great!! So how can my friends win some of these great prizes?

Sunny: There’s a lot of ways they can win!! The first is to go to the Rafflecopter below, where they have multiple chances to enter. They can also hop over to Blogging by Liza, where Gavin is hanging out today with an amazing St. Patrick’s Day feast!! And, Alannah is giving away copies on her blog, FB page, and to multiple newsletter subscribers, so they can drop by each of those places and enter there too!
Thank you for letting me spend the day with you and your friends!! I’ll be here throughout the day, answering questions and responding to comments. 

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