Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: Cravings By Dee Carney

Title: Cravings
Author: Dee Carney
Genre: Contemporary Romnace
Series: Close To The Heat #2
Publisher: Samhain
Source: Author

"The best chef wins...but their hearts could lose the prize. " ********** Chef Lee Solomon is *so* going down. How dare he call a tow truck on Chef Ginger Danielle's customers just because they might have been parked in front of his restaurant while dining at hers? So what if he's gorgeous, successful, and a master of gourmet cuisine, it doesn't mean he can do as he pleases. When he suggests they settle their differences with an underground cooking competition, Ginger is all in. Her feel-good comfort food against his fancy fare? Game on! Lee has tried to ignore how badly he wants to see Ginger in his bed, but he's finished fighting it. Their antagonism-and their mutual lust-is at an all-time high; when it comes to this particular battle, he has no intention of losing. He's set on seducing the petite chef, no matter what the cost to his profession. But when it comes right down to it, his pride whispers that there can only be one winner. Does he give up the competition... or give up the girl? Warning: Features a dirty talking chef, thousand-calorie recipes, and a "very" private menu of delicious seductions.

This review is long overdue. I can't say what took me so long to read it, but I'm glad I waited. This novella broke my month long reading slump! It had everything I was looking for: It had chemistry, smoking hot love scenes, and parts that made me lol.

Cravings had a likable heroine in Ginger and an alpha male in Lee, the hero. These two were just great together. They had so much chemistry, and I was telling Ginger to just go for it in my head while I was reading it. I did like how even though there was sizzling heat between them, Ginger didn't give in right away, and told Lee why she had doubts about them hooking up together.

However, more then the sizzling chemistry between them I liked the food parts of the book. I wanted to try everything they were making! I was ravenous by the time I finished the book. I loved the food fighters competition that Lee got them involved in and how they each had to go a bit outside of their comfort zone to make new dishes. 

Cravings was just short, sweet and mouth watering delicious. It's one book you'll want to savor. :) While this is a second book in a series, it works well as a stand alone. The heroine from the first book does make a cameo appearance, but it doesn't detract from the romance at hand. The only problem I had was that like most novellas, I wasn't ready for it to end when it did and I just wanted more!


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