Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's Bloggiesta time again!

Mini Challenges: 
Jump Start Your Traffic With StumbleUpon

Good Books & Good Wine is hosting this Mini Challenge:  I have to admit, I never thought about submitting reviews to StumbleUpon. I was surprised at how easy it was! I feel like a dummy for not tapping into this resource before now! 
Update: I was decluttering my sidebars and somehow got rid of my stumbleupon badge. Am too tired to add it-will do it tomorrow!

Declutter Your Sidebar Mini Challenge

This challenge was hosted by Debz Bookshelf, and was something I have been meaning to do forever!! What I did: 

  • I moved the blogs I love to the pages bar 
  • I moved books I'm looking forward to read to the pages bar
  • I am in the process of moving the various teams I'm on and series I support to the pages bar as well. 
  • I got rid of my currently reading widget and reading challenge from goodreads. 
Get Involved Mini Challenge 

This is hosted by The Book Wheel. I've been wanting to volunteer for awhile now, but wasn't sure what to do. This post gave me a lot of good ideas based on my love of reading. There is a donate shelf in my local library that I am going to donate books to and I also want to get involved with Books For Soldiers. 

What is Bloggiesta you ask? It's where everyone takes a weekend to work to perfecting our blogs & connecting with other bloggers doing the same thing! It's hosted by Suey from It's All About Books  and Danielle from There's A Book.  There are mini challenges for fun and twitter talks (#bloggiesta @bloggiesta.)  to help us get through the hard work of perfection! To sign up, just go here!

I wasn't going to do Bloggiesta this year, but in a fit of procrastination, I decided to make my own banner, and thought why not improve the rest of my blog as well?


  • To make my header banner the right/size width I still need to work on this a bit, but I think it looks ok for now
  • Make a new grab me button to go along with the banner Decided to keep my old button for now!
  • Add a signature to each post
  • Work on updating my labels. This is going to take forever, so as I long as I get this year done, I'm happy!   This wasn't as painful as I thought! 
  • Do a few of the challenges!