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Excerpt & Giveaway of Topaz & The Plum Gista Stone by Pat Frayne

Today is the first stop on the Topaz and The Plum Gista Stone blog tour hosted by ABG Reads book tours! The author is giving away one Topaz T-shirt to one commenter on the tour-to enter use the rafflecopter below! 

Topaz must find out what evil sickness has befallen his old friend, Otis, the great owl. With the help of his companions, Daisy and Dooley, Topaz takes Otis to the Healing Gnomes at North Fortress. As for Topaz and his raccoon friend, Dooley, their journey doesn't end here. Grim circumstances compel them to search for a rare, precious stone know as the Plum-Gista. Their travels take them to new and mysterious lands where they will make new friends and meet unusual beings. A warning from the Spirit of Amber Tiger gives Topaz reason to doubt his own judgement as life-threatening dangers and dark magical forces close in. 

About the Series:
These cleverly woven and original tales of a mystical cat, his friends, and the magical land they live in will truly captivate anyone who loves mystical stories of high adventure. The reader is drawn into the amazing Kingdom of Knownotten and introduced to unforgettable characters. The classic fight of good vs. evil is waged in a world inhabited by Fairies, Elves, Gnomes, wizards and talking animals. All of these creatures coexist in a complex and beautiful land of peril and wonder. The author has crafted a truly well-rounded and enchanting story, rich with suspense, humor and tenderness.

Topaz and the Plum-Gista Stone by Pat Frayne


The large Yellow Conjure Cat awoke with a start. There stood young Daisy, a white fawn with hazel eyes. “Finally,” Daisy breathed. “I’ve been trying to wake you up forever.” “What’s the matter, Daisy?” the cat asked. “The sun is almost up. Aren’t you going to get up?” The cat gazed up at her with strange luminous eyes. They were the color of yellow topaz, the gem for which he was named. “But, why do I have to get up?” “Do you want to sleep all day, Topaz? There’s still a lot to do before the parade starts.”

Topaz stood up to stretch. A long yawn exposed his curled pink tongue and every feline tooth in his broad head. Giving Daisy another glassy stare, the big conjure cat collapsed back into his warm downy mattress. Those eerie luminous eyes of his, Daisy thought, feeling a pang of discomfort. It was unsettling the way he seamed to stare right through her. In moments like these Daisy wondered if Topaz might be able to see inside her soul.Maybe he can hear everything I’m thinking. She wasn’t quite sure what kind of mystical feats a Yellow Conjure Cat might be capable of. Daisy had been quite young when Otis, the Great- Horned Owl, had rescued her from a flash flood in the
mountains of the Knownotten Forest. He’d brought her to the castle when he discovered her parents had perished in the storm.

The Elf king, King Kittle, had been ruler over the Land of Knownotten, then. It was not unusual for the king to give care and shelter to those who had been injured or orphaned. However, this young fawn had been special to King Kittle from the start. Not only did the king offer Daisy a place to live, he gave her the run of the castle.

The young fawn was loved by everyone, and it was no surprise to anyone when Knownotten Castle became her permanent home. Topaz called her Daisy because it was her favorite flower. He’d seen her snacking on them whenever she thought she was alone in the castle garden. King Kittle didn’t seem to mind that Daisy ate the flowers. In the old Elf king’s eyes, Daisy could do no wrong. She had been only hours old when she’d lost her parents; she barely remembered them. Topaz and Otis were her family now, and since King Kittle’s passing, Daisy followed them everywhere she could. Unable to contain her impatience a moment longer, Daisy heaved a loud sigh and stamped her front hoof on the plank wood floor. “You must get up, Topaz. You are the king. Everyone expects you to be first in the parade.” “Oh, yes,” he replied drowsily, opening his eyes only half way. “It’s the first day of the fall festival.” Then standing up for another stretch, Topaz arched his back. All four legs stiffened, and a slight tremor shimmied through his lean, muscular body and legs. With an inward groan, he pounced to the floor.

Topaz had been king in the Land of Knownotten for just a short time, but to him, it seemed an eternity. Giving up the carefree life he’d once known to rule a kingdom was not a future Topaz would have chosen. Nevertheless, the late king, having no heirs, had made Topaz promise he would take the oath to succeed him upon his death. Topaz had done his best to convince the king that he should not be expected to rule Knownotten Kingdom. He argued that he was not capable of following in King Kittle’s footsteps. However, King Kittle had disagreed. There had been no time to quarrel about this; the king was on his deathbed. Besides, the king had made up his mind about this long before he had made mention of it to Topaz.

King Kittle had chosen Topaz as his successorbecause he trusted him to protect the kingdom and to treat its inhabitants justly. So, Topaz gave his word to
accept the responsibility of the kingdom when the time came. There was nothing else he could have done. It was up to him to put the king’s mind at ease, and Topaz wanted his king to go to the Good Spirit in peace.

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Author Bio:   Pat Frayne, a retired registered nurse with twelve grandchildren, lives in a small town in Arizona with her husband, Ron and their dog, Charlie, a black lab mix. Her action adventure mysteries take place in mystical lands inhabited by Fairies, Elves, Gnomes, Sprites, Ogres, witches, wizards and other mystical beings. While written for children ages eight through twelve, many adults have greatly enjoyed these stories.

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