Sunday, January 1, 2012

Review: The Mighty Spice Cookbook

Title: Mighty Spice Cookbook 
Author: John Gregory Smith 
Publisher: Duncan Baird
Number of Pages: 224 
Source: Netgalley 

 Bring a new dimension to your dishes with this culinary journey through the world of spice. With 100 inspiring recipes from the Far East, North Africa, and South America, kitchen enthusiasts will indulge in such wonderful creations as Indian Fish Cakes with Coriander and Coconut Chutney, Vietnamese Star Anise and Lemongrass Chicken Claypot, and Chili and Basil Scallops. Twenty-five key spices are covered and recipes use no more than five at a time. And simple techniques and easy-to-find ingredients deliver fantastic taste with minimum fuss.

I was on Netgalley one day, and you know how sometimes you click too fast, well I was double clicking my heart out for some reason and accidentally requested this one. This book is beautiful. I loved the pictures of the dishes and the stories that went along with them.

The dishes looked so beautiful that I really wanted to try them, but discovered one small problem. A few of the key ingredients of a lot of the dishes can't be found at my local supermarket. (There is always a downside of living in a small town.) Despite that, this is a book that I would like to own if only to put on the coffee table. I've traveled to quite a few of the countries that the dishes came from and would love to be able to show to people the different dishes that were available to me in different places.