Friday, July 30, 2010

Guess who finally discovered Supernatural?

There are three reasons why I haven't posted  a lot lately:
1.) Jensen Ackles
2.) Jared Paladecki
3.) Terrible

Thanks to twitter,  I have re-discovered my love for Supernatural and I wonder why in the world I ever stopped watching it. Seriously-Sam and Dean are so hot. Why was I depriving myself of them all these years?  Sometimes it takes me a long time to get on the bandwaggon.  So instead of spending my weekend reading like I normally do, I got suckered into Season One of Supernatural. It was worse then watching the Gilmore Girls!! I couldn't watch just one episode at a time. No-I had to do mini marathons of the show.

Some of the episodes were downright creepy, and I can see why this show has been so popular with both men and women. It appeals to broad audience, and I really think that it was ahead of its time. I loved the season finale-so few shows today have good cliffhanger endings. I just can't wait to watch all 5 seasons and get caught up for the last season!

I also haven't really read anything because I have been (impatiently) waiting for City of Ghosts by Stacia Kane to arrive. If it's not here by the end of the day, I'm off to the bookstore to buy it.  I'm also having a fun little contest to see which arrives first: my library copy of the book or my online order from Borders. I think the library is winning. What can I say? I have Terrible Fever bad.

Favorite quote of season one:

Dean to Sam: "Who is the hottest Medium: Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Patricia Arquette or you?