Monday, September 14, 2009

A few of my favorite blogs

You might have heard that this week is book blogger appreciation week. Todays writing prompt is to spotlight those blogs which didn't get nominated on the short list. The following blogs have made my TBR pile and want to read list grow out of control:

Challenge Buddies:
Kals, Ceclia, Velvet, Heather, Deb and Andrea all found me through the Everything Austen challenge and were some of the first to stumble upon my blog. Their support in the challenge and with their comments has been awesome.
This second group of bloggers also somehow managed to find my blog this summer when I was still trying to figure what in the heck I was doing. Thanks so much for sticking around:
Heidenkind's Hideaway
Fantasy Dreamer
A few more blogs that I've fallen in love with are:
Books Love Jessica Marie
A Book Addict
A Book Lovers Diary
Book Obsessed
One Literature Nut
Leontines Book Realm