Friday, July 3, 2009

Best Friends? Not Yet.

Camera Critters

When I stumbled across Camera Critters Meme, I knew I had to do it! While I love reading, there are two things I love even more: spending time with the family dog Cleo, and the newest addition to our pet family, Bella the cat. Cleo has become slightly jealous of Bella when I'm around and goes out of her way to show Bella that she doesn't have a chance of becoming my favorite.

This weeks obnoxiousness came while Cleo and I were playing our weekly game of chase. What happens is that Cleo purposefully steals my shoes, and I chase her around the dining room table for them. It's a game that we've played since she was a puppy. Normally when we play this game Bella wisely stays far away from us. I thought she was downstairs hiding and she was actually right in our running path. Cleo, not caring that she was there leaped over her tail a good three times. On the third time I spotted Bella, frozen and felt bad that I hadn't noticed her there before. As Bella was escaping to her lair in the basement, Cleo gave her such a superior look that I couldn't believe it.

While the two are having some growing pains adjusting to living together they are getting along surprisingly well. Bella has picked up all of Cleos bad habits. The two bark/meow in unison when we are eating to con us into giving them food. Bella once chewed through McDonalds bag that was left alone on the table a minute to long to get to her much loved french fries, and tossed the dog one when she was barking. My mom was laughing too hard to yell at either one of them for that...
Here are some pictures of them: