Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mini Challenge Hour 19: Pet Love *now closed*

*Edited to add: This mini challenge is now closed. Thanks to everyone who won! 


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 CONGRATULATIONS!!! Please email me your  t so that I can contact you!

It’s hour 19! That’s a lot of reading! Don’t give up you can do it..just five short hours to go till the finish line! Here is a fun mini challenge to give your tired eyes a break from reading.   Pets are adorable aren’t they? Well, they are adorable until they steal your favorite book and chew it to pieces or lie down on it and refuse to give it up as their favorite nap space.  Not that I’m talking from experience or anything…

For this mini challenge all you have to do is to:
1.      1.)  Leave a minimum of  two sentences and max of 2 paragraphs of  how your pets have helped or hindered your reading. Do they cuddle up to you and keep you warm while you read? Or are they like my family’s dog Cleo and like to shove their favorite plush toy at your knee until you put that book down and play with them? (and then have to give them a treat for playing. Yes, I am a sucker!) The second  is to share a picture of your pet with us.

My example: 
My dog Cleo totally hinders my reading. She has been known to pull the book out of my hands and then play chase around the room with it!  Bella, the cat though helps my reading. She loves to curl up next to me on the couch and keep me company when I'm at my parents.
This is a picture of a book that Cleo destroyed when she was a puppy:

2.       2.) Share a picture (or two or three)  of your pet with us! 

                                      Cleo and Bella..each pretending the other one isn't there.

                                Hard to believe this cute little ball of fur destroyed that book isn't it??
                             Or maybe not. (Yes, that is my shoe she is attempting to steal.)

There will be one winner, and the prize is a copy of Marley and Me, a stuffed teddy bar and some bookmarks.  I won the book and teddy bear during my first read a thon! As much as I love them, it’s time for them to find a new home and be showered with even more love.   The prizes are only for US/Canada residents only, sorry!! To enter please leave your blog on the Mr. Linky at the end of your post so we can see what great work you’ve done & leave your email address or twitter account on the comments so I know how to contact the winner!   This mini challenge will be open until hour 22.

That wasn’t too hard was it? Now, for one last cheer to keep you going through the night that I found on  Hey, it’s late & I needed a little help…but I think it’s just what we need to keep on reading:! 
Do we rock?
Yeah, Yeah
Take it to the top?
Yeah, Yeah
Are we gonna stop?
No way!  

I hope everyone is having fun, and remember-don't freak out if you aren't at the place you thought you'd be now bookwise. In my first read-a-thon, I only read one complete book!!