Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blog Tour: Love Sucks by Lauren Hammond

Title: Love Sucks
Author: Lauren Hammond
Genre: Paranormal Romance

I was lucky enough to meet Lauren Hammond through twitter when she agreed to do an interview for a brand new feature I'm doing called "Chatting with Buckeyes" which starts tomorrow. She was kind enough to give me an e-arc copy of her book, Love Sucks. This short novella was a lot of fun to read-when I found out it was about vampires, I was worried because I'm an inch away from being burned out on that genre, but my fears were quickly put aside because this isn't your typical vampire romance!

What I liked best about this love story was that it was told completely from the vampires point of view, and not from someone else-we get to feel what it's like to suddenly wake up with powers you know you didn't have before! Cara is in her twenties when she is turned into a vampire by someone she doesn't know. In fact, she doesn't even know she's a vampire at first. She wakes up alone and scared. Suddenly her senses are more sensitive, she can run faster, and her favorite foods no longer taste good. She has this craving for blood that she doesn't understand-and kills her first victims before she realizes what she's done.  She finds herself in London, and meets another vampire who tells her what she's become and how to adapt to her new lifestyle. The story line moves from past to present with ease, and I was immediately drawn into the present day romance story that takes place. While I found the romance was a little fast paced-I still enjoyed it.

If you are looking for a vampire romance that isn't like all the others, I recommend this fun novella. Come back tomorrow when I chat with the author, Lauren about the book!

Where to find Lauren: 

Where to find the book:
www.punkinbooks.com (Ebook)

Paperback version:

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