Monday, June 14, 2010

Review: The Virgin Queens Daughter by Ella March Chase

 Title: The Virgin Queens Daughter
Author: Ella March Chase
Genre: Historical Fiction
Sub Genre: The Tudors, Elizabeth

I think I've discovered why I love books about the Tudors -there is so much mystery surrounding them, that it allows for so many good conspiracy theories on things that could've, might've but probably didn't happen. :)

This Tudor theory revolves around the theory that Queen Elizabeth I might have had an illegitimate daughter with either Thomas Seymour or Robert Dudley. Like most stories set in the Tudor time period, this one begins with the heroine, Nell de Lacey being imprisoned for a crime we don't know about yet. Not having much to do, Nell reminiscences about how it was she got to this point in her life, and how she could've been so stupid as to not have seen being thrown in the tower coming.

Nell de Lacey is just a country girl at heart. She is her fathers daughter-and loves to learn and read about everything.  Her mother was once a member of Katherine Parrs court. She just wants Nell to  want to learn proper wife things like how to run an estate instead of studying philosophy.  When Nell is five, the family goes to visit a family friend in London-who just happens to be a guard at the Tower of London where Princess Elizabeth is imprisoned by Queen Mary. Five year old Nell has a chance encounter with Elizabeth and is forever impacted by that meeting.  After that meeting Nell has her heart set on going to court even though her mothers heart is just as dead set against her going. Nell and her father secretly write Elizabeth, now Queen asking for Nell to have a position in her household. Elizabeth of course remembers the encounter with Five year old Nell and invites her to be one of her ladies in waiting.Once at court, Nell begins to see why her mother was so set against her going. It wasn't out of meanness, but out of love. Once there though, it is impossible to get out of serving the Queen.  The one good thing about court life is that she catches the eye of  one of Elizabath's favorite courtiers. At first Nell totally ignores him, but finds out he is a scholar like her, and finds herself falling for him..but in Elizabeth's court love is a dangerous thing and must be kept hidden.

This book had a little of everything, and while it had it's flaws I enjoyed this book more then I should have. I've read better books about the Tudors, but for a debut author this book was really well written and held my attention to the end. If you love books about the Tudors, then this is one you have to read. Thank you Bells for recommending it to me. :)