Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sex, Murder and a Double Latte by Kyra Davis

I found this book through Deb at Book Magic. I was looking at her recent reads, and the title made me laugh and I had to find out more about right away!

Sophie Katz is a mystery writer who has just finished her most recent murder mystery book and is ready to celebrate. However strange things keep happening to prevent it. First there are the murders...then her car is vandalized and some one keeps breaking into her home. Is it her best friend Dena's boyfriend Jason, who wants to be a vampire, or the guy she herself has been dating, Anatoly who just happens to have a mysterious past?

What I liked: I thought this was a cute light-hearted read. Her best friends Mary Ann and Dena were likable and believable. I also loved her hairstylist Marcus. There were many laugh out loud moments, and I actually didn't see who the killer was until I was right there in the moment. (I should have though.)

What I didn't like: The main problem I had with the book was I started noticing little grammatical errors. This bothered me because I am not really known for spotting stuff like this. When I first discovered that one period didn't have two spaces behind it, I thought it was just one mistake. However, it kept re-occurring throughout the book. Then it started happening with commas. Instead of one space behind them, there weren't any spaces behind them. It was so distracting that I almost couldn't finish the book.

I almost forgot: While there were a lot of double lattes and murders don't expect a lot of sex in the book because you'll be disappointed. I also made the mistake of noticing the authors picture in the back, and it was exactly how I pictured the main character in the book to look like, and it bothered me for some reason.

I'm not sure why but having a cat named Mr. Katz-the last name of the character really annoyed me. I mean who names their cat that? But then, I'm probably being overly picky with that annoyance.

All in all, I give this book a 3/5 stars because it really was a fun read. I've just been way too picky with little details in the books I've been reading lately.