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Blogversary (Belated) and Birthday Bash!!

I totally missed my blogs 5 year anniversary in May, so I thought I would celebrate it along with my birthday (which is on Friday)this week!! I thought this would be a great time to get my blog going again after a long break. :) Be sure to come back throughout the week to see giveaways from Lauren Clark, Gini Koch and Ellis Drake!

Today I have the wonderful and talented Wendi Zwaduk who also writes as Megan Slayer. She's here to answer a few questions & is giving away a prize pack of a bracelet & earring set.

What is the hardest/easiest part about writing a series? 
The hardest part of writing a series is keeping the characters straight. I know that sounds simple, but it's actually rather hard. I have to make sheets for each character and refer back often to make sure I don't accidentally give someone blonde hair when she's got brown hair or his height over six feet when he's not that tall. 

Another thing that's hard about series is not repeating yourself. You can think you're doing something fresh until you read back and find out...ooops, I did that in book one or something. Again, that's when the sheets and notes come in handy. 

There are some easy parts to writing a series. I get to play with all the characters in the story. Instead of having someone stay in the background all the time, I get to let them come forward and tell me their story. It's fun. Firelit Magic came out of that situation. I wanted to write Cian's story. She stuck with me. I'm considering writing a male witch to round out the series. 

Which are easier to write: Alpha males or Beta? 
Easier for me to write is the beta. I like alpha males, but I hate when authors make them super jerks. I guess it's because I don't like jerks and can't understand why the heroines like them. I like guys who can be tough and have a heart. I like when they show that they have that heart, too. I like to write what I like to read, but if the character takes me in a direction that requires him to be tougher and more of a hard ass, then I'm okay with that. 

What kind of heroines do you like the most? 
I like ones that have a soft side, but are the equals to the hero. I want her to be able to give him a run for his money, but also to want to give in to him when it's time to get between the sheets (or against the wall...wink, wink). 

Book Spotlight: 

Title: Firelit Magic by Wendi Zwaduk
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal  M/F
Length: Novella
Publisher: Totally Bound

Cian's coming into her own with her magic. She's happy rescuing the black cats society doesn't want, but she's lonely. A sexy man to warm her nights would be perfect. Too bad the man in question isn't interested--or is he?

Officer Tommy Barnes noticed Cian and her red hair the first time he stepped into her store, but a witch and a cop should mix--should they? And what's with her interest in black cats? His investigative sense has him stopping back at the store over and over. He can't deny his attraction to her. His sixth sense says she's harmless, but a little investigative work between the sheets never hurt.

Can Tommy withstand the red-hot fire or will this witch get the best of him?

This book follows secondary characters from Candlelit Magic. This book also contains scenes of magic and sex between a witch and her human.

Available here: Totally BoundAllRomance Ebooks | Amazon


©Wendi Zwaduk 2014
“Cian, I need the full story.” And her phone number. Or at least a longer conversation not involving her potential as a thief. He bit his tongue to keep from saying something he’d regret. When she pursed her crimson lips, he wondered what she’d taste like. He shouldn’t be attracted to her. A cop and a witch couldn’t mix...could they? He didn’t believe in spells or sacrifices. He needed logic and order, but he couldn’t deny the attraction.
Tommy shook his head. He needed to stop looking at her as anything other than a sexual human being.
Cian scooped up one of the cats, then sat on the arm chair. Yet again, she rubbed her cheek on the top of the feline’s head. “Heya Joey.” She scratched under the animal’s chin. “You’re a good baby.” She continued to pet the cat, but turned her attention to Tommy. “You said you wanted the full story. What do you want to know?”
“Everything.” He stood opposite her, unsure of how to unseat the cats. Besides, standing made him focus. “Start from the beginning. Why would someone accuse you of killing black cats? How’d you get into the rescue business and what are you doing tonight?”

Author Bio: 
I’ve always dreamt of writing the stories in my head. Tall, dark, and handsome heroes are my favorites, as long as he has an independent woman keeping him in line.  I love playing with words and letting the characters run wild.
NASCAR, Ohio farmland, dirt racing, animals and second chance romance all feature prominently in my books.  I also write under the pen name of Megan Slayer. Come join me for this fantastic journey!  
If you like my work, tell your friends and email me. I love hearing from readers!

Where to find Wendi: Website |  Blog | Wordpressblog | Twitter | Facebook Fanpage | Amazon 


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