Monday, December 23, 2013

Review: One Night in Santiago by Audra North

Title: One Night In Santiago
Author: Audra North
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Number of Pages: 120
Publisher: Entangled Flaunt
Source: Publisher

Lily Stanton's vacation goes from bad to worse when a storm strands her in a foreign country, arguing with an arrogant—and very sexy—stranger over the last available hotel room. Successful CEO Bruno Komarov wasn't expecting the gorgeous woman checking in at the reception desk to challenge him over a room. Even more surprising, he actually enjoys their exchange. But when Lily proposes a compromise—she'll take the bed and he can sleep on the couch—Bruno pushes his attraction aside and assures himself that this can remain strictly business. After all, they're both adults capable of keeping their hands to themselves. They'll share the room, get a good night's sleep, and be off to their respective destinations in the morning. What could possibly happen in just one night?

I really wanted to love this one. There is something about unexpected meetings in a foreign country that I just adore. This one though, tried to accomplish too much in a short amount of time.

While I loved the dynamics between Lilly and Bruno, I felt like this tried to be an erotica romance and a contemporary romance at the same time, and failed on both parts...there was so much inner dialogue between the two that I found myself wishing that it was told from just one pov because as soon as I got into one characters pov it would change, and then bam! the book was over.

There wasn't much a plot to this one either other then the fact that both needed to get home and shouldn't be involved with each other because they wouldn't be seeing each other again. Lily was getting over a broken engagement, and to me that part of the story line got old fast-that has never been a favorite trope of mine. I realize that this series is meant to be hot and sexy and read in under an hour, but I think sometimes a lot gets lost in trying to have something under a certain word count.  I think I am discovering that novellas just aren't for me anymore. This book was fun and hot, I just needed something more to care that these two got together and in the long run I didn't buy them as a couple though I liked them as individual characters.