Friday, August 16, 2013

The Baer Truth by Linda McMcraken

Title: Baer Truth 
Author: Linda McMaken 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Source: Author


Abby Clark, vegetarian, punk rock singer gets kicked off the band tour bus in the middle of nowhere.

With nothing but a talent for cooking and the singing voice of an angel, she manages to disturb a very cranky, cold-hearted bear, um, Baer.

 Joe Baer, a sexy Wyoming beef rancher. He has a ranch mortgage that’s due, and a past that even he never suspected. Snow, tractors, country superstars, an unforgettable rodeo, and a tornado named Abby, will bring these "baers" out of hibernation.

This book shocked me at how much I enjoyed it. I'm not big on Contemporary Romances, but it sounded a bit different, and  I was lucky enough to meet this author at the Lori Foster Reader/Author Get Together in June- (I swear, I really will do a recap of the weekend one of these days, because it was amazing.) and decided to take a chance on it. I'm glad I did.

This novella had a little bit of everything. Abby was just a fun heroine. She had a not so perfect past, but when she winds up in the middle of nowhere Wyoming she realizes that it might just be the right place to be because everyone is so accepting of her-she's just not used to that. I loved that she was klutzy and knocking everything over and accidentally setting things on fire. Abby made me lol a lot.

Joe was just as great-he was vulnerable because he was about to lose the ranch he loved, and doesn't have time for  a relationship, but he's not really prepared for the force that is Abby. I loved the banter between the two, and even though they spend a lot time apart-which I normally hate, it just worked with this book.

The secondary characters were all lovable, and honestly? I can't wait to read the next two brothers books. Each one has huge hurdles from their past to overcome & I can't wait to watch them do it.