Friday, July 5, 2013

The Happy Acres Haunted Hotel For Active Seniors By Gini Koch

Title: Happy Acres Haunted Hotel For Active Seniors
Author: Gini Koch
Genre: Paranormal Fiction
Number of Pages: 61
Publisher: Gini Koch
Source: Author

Welcome to Happy Acres (Haunted) Hotel for Active Seniors, the premiere senior living facility in all of Southern California (especially if you’re already dead)! At Happy Acres we pride ourselves on the depth and breadth of our elder care (and for how many haunts we have -- 789 and counting!) as we surround your loved ones with vibrant, interesting people of their own generation (and many generations prior). Happy Acres is fully staffed 24/7 by a team of dedicated (and in some cases, spellbound) medical staff, as well as housing one of the state-of-the-art medical inpatient and outpatient facilities in the Southland (just don’t see your doctor after dark), so your loved ones are ensured the best care in their golden years (and long after, as well). Don’t let the rumors (all true) fool you -- while Happy Acres is indeed the best, its costs won’t race your beloved elders to an early grave (no, others will handle that). So come to Happy Acres, a facility you’ll love so much you’ll never want to leave! (Trust us on this one.)

The thing I love most about Gini Koch is despite whatever genre she is writing in the fun never stops and the most unexpected story lines will leave you shaking your head at all the crazy that goes on,  yet makes total sense.This was a fun read mainly because the subject matter was so different then what I normally read. It was about seniors! I didn't think I would be able to connect to any of the characters, but as usual I was wrong!  This is just a fun, quick read with twists and turns that will have you laughing and groaning and the same time. It's not a place for the faint of heart to live. :)