Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Introducing Author Assistant Services

Stressed about promoting your book, maintaining your social media and fighting illegal sites that illegally download your book? Don't know where to look for a beta reader, but have deadlines to meet? Let me take care of the little things for you so you can write! Email me at to find out more!   References available upon request. 
  • Finding blogs to review your book 
  • Basic line editing 
  • Social media management
  • Contest management
  • Creating authors blog 
  • maintaining authors blog
  • Newsletter set-up, design, and management
  • Street team marketing set-up and management
  • Mailings and correspondence
  •  Content Editing For the following genres: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Chick Lit, YA in the above categories. Let me make sure that your story flows, characters are likable and check for basic grammar mistakes.
  • Fighting Pirates-I am not a lawyer and can not take legal action, but I can send out a letter to pirate sites    

If there is a project or task that you don't see listed, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Author Assistant Prices: 

Please email me for rates-they can be done by the hour/month/project or on a retainer basis.

Ebook pirate services 
 Free: In-depth internet search to identify which of your titles may be being downloaded illegally.
   $5.00 Initial listing of identified sites that are providing your book(s) for illegal download. 
Internet investigation of your book titles (per the listing you provide) to identify where said titles are being offered for illegal download; cease and desist removal notices sent and take-downs confirmed; follow up with identified pirating sites to ensure titles continue to be removed.
  • Introductory prices for e-book pirate services investigation, removal notices, and follow up:
    $15/Hour for 1 hour a month 
    $20/Hour for 2 hours a month
    $30/Hour for 4 hours a month 
    $35/Hour for 1 hour for 2 months 
    $40/Hour for 4 hours for 2 months
    $60/Hour for 6 hours for 2 months 
    Prices are negotiable for certain situations. Customized packages and Monthly Retainer packages available. Contact for more details and to discuss your particular situation.
Using this service does not guarantee compliance by any or all of the identified pirate/illegal download sites. Author's Guardian is not able to guarantee that links to the illegal downloads of your books will remain removed and/or that new illegal download links will not appear, at the identified sites or elsewhere. 
Author's Guardian is not responsible for the reappearance of your titles on the offending sites. Once services are completed, whether on a monthly or retainer basis, Author's Guardian will not continue to search for illegal downloads of your books/titles.

Please be aware that Author's Guardian is not a legal service and does not have the authority to sue anyone. The role of Author's Guardian is to act as your representative to identify cases of illegal  downloading, to send cease and desist letters to the offenders, and to  follow up to verify take-down requests are complied with on your behalf. Any legal actions necessary will require you to obtain your own legal representation. Author/Payee agrees that Author’s Guardian and any/all of its employees or representatives are indemnified from any legal actions resulting from any cease and desist or related actions. Author/payee agrees to hold Author’s Guardian unaccountable for any legal issues resulting pursuant to the anti-piracy work Author’s Guardian will complete for Author/Payee.

Colette did a superb job of Content Editing on my short story, Hot Danger in Paradise. I don't have a beta reader right now so this service was invaluable to me. It's so important to have someone else look at a manuscript! Her suggestions were right on the money and she got back with me promptly. Her critique was to-the-point, yet gentle. I highly recommend ABG Reads and Colette to anyone who needs another pair of eyes to go over their work.
~Naomi Bellina

Colette does a fantastic job, works very hard to fill the blog tour, follows up with each blogger, and makes recommendations on appropriate guest post topics .... She really KNOWS her stuff!  She makes my job so much easier because I know that she's paying attention, tweeting, and following up! That's huge for me.
--Lauren Clark