Monday, April 22, 2013

Review & Giveaway : Tumbling In Time by Denise L Wyant

Title:  Tumbling in Time
Author: Denise L Wyant
Publisher:  Books to Go Now
Number of pages: 33

Tasha Hutchinson, a meteorology student at a suburban Kansas University, looks forward to tornadoes but not for the same reason as her fellow classmates. She uses the storms to travel through time to visit with and fight various demons with her crush, Arikk. She has fallen hard for the stubborn wizard. Arikk better be careful – if Tasha has her way, they will be sharing more than platonic kisses.

As an immortal wizard with unique parentage, Arikk is blessed with all sorts of special abilities. He serves as a high ranking sentinel with the Guardian Peacekeepers, a demanding organization devoted to maintaining peace and justice through space and time. While Arikk has fun with Tasha – his Sunshine – he knows his life is too dangerous for them to be anything more than friends.
Will Tasha, a fragile human, survive the battles with otherworldly creatures? Will she be successful in winning the heart of her wizard?

Tumbling In Time had such a unique take on time travel that when I was offered it for review, I knew I had to read it. This was just a fun read. Arikk and Tasha were a lot of fun, and while the romance had to happen really fast, it worked and I liked that it opened with them already knowing each other. It's such a short read that I don't want to say more in case I give anything away, but this is one novella you'll want to take a chance on! Like all novellas though, I just wish this one had been longer. I wasn't ready for the story to end. I hope we see more of this world in future books. 

There is a rafflecopter giveaway below with a chance to win ebooks of Tumbling In Time or Wild Horses by Denise. The blurb for Wild Horses is below. 

Wild Horses: 
Georgia Adams is coffee shop owner whose mother died less than a year ago. Now, Georgia faces her first Christmas alone. Even though she's made friends in Santa Fe, her life is empty, her heart lacking love. After Christmas Georgia is inspired to dust off her camera. She sets out to photograph wild horses frolicking in the snow. While taking their photos, she also photographs a handsome man and his son.

When Jonathan Marker introduces himself and Aiden, Georgia finds her curiosity piqued. Later, Jonathan pays her a surprise visit to her shop that leaves Georgia flustered, yet hopeful.
They steal passionate kisses and despite interrupted dates, she’s still hesitant to embrace the companionship Jonathan offers. Will Georgia finally find a way to open herself to the possibility of love on the most romantic day of the yea

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