Friday, October 26, 2012

Review: Paradise Cove by Stephanie Haffner

 Title: Paradise Cove
Author: Stephanie Haffner
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Source: Sent by publisher

 Paradise is nothing if you choose to enjoy it alone. When Shelby Meyer jetted off for a relaxing week in Cancun, she never expected to fall in love with the quaint piece of Mexican heaven. Or make on offer to buy it. The Paradise Cove, a run-down Cancun resort, is in desperate need of TLC. Shelby can easily envision the resort as it was in its heyday and sees its potential. She vows to do everything in her power to return it to its former glory. Though the previous owners’ grandson, Gabriel, insists that she will destroy his family’s resort, and a neighboring resort owner doubts in her ability, Shelby’s resolve strengthens. But when she finds her lists of repairs and the stack of bills piling up around her, hope begins to fade. Will she swallow her pride and accept Gabriel’s love and financial help, or be forced to give up her dream of Paradise Cove?

I am a sucker for stories set in exotic places. Who hasn't wanted to live on the beach at some point or another? I had to read this book just for the story line. I loved Shelby. She was such a strong, independent heroine. She's determined to fix of Paradise Cove, and restore it to it's former self. Even though everyone tells her it's a foolish idea, she doesn't listen to them. 

When she meets the former owners to buy the resort, she is taken in by their warmth and love and is determined to succeed for their sake. She's surprised then when their grandson is dead set against her owning the resort and thinks she'll do a horrible job. The two keep meeting up, and of course have an attraction to one another. This is a novella, so the romance happens really fast. Sometimes I have a hard time with this-and such was the case with this book. I loved the characters of Shelby and Gabriel but had a hard time buying them as a couple. There were some great tender scenes between them though, but I hated the obligatory I can't be with you because of... part of the book. I know it has to happen in romances, but I almost always have a problem buying into the reasons of why the couple can't be together. That being said, I liked how they resolved their differences and ended up really enjoying them together-it just took me a bit to buy into their romance. 

Everyone knows how much trouble I have with contemporary romances, but I have to say I enjoyed this one more the ones I've read lately. I look forward to reading more by this author. :)