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Interview & Giveaway with/Jennette Marie Powell 2nd Annual Historical Romance Event:

I am so excited to be about of the 2nd Annual Historical Romance Event Hosted by A Great Book Is The Cheapest Vacation! Today I am talking to fellow Ohioian Jennette Marie Powell, who I was lucky enough to meet at Lori Fosters Reader Author Get Together this past  
 She has two time travel romance novels out in the Saturn Society series, and both take place in my neck of the woods: Dayton, Ohio. I'm giving away one ebook copy of book one to one lucky commenter! The rules for the giveaway are at the end of the post. I also want to apologize if the format is a little wacky. Blogger really does not like me some times!
Jennette Marie Powell is the author of several time travel and paranormal romance novels. A lifelong resident of the Dayton, Ohio area, she likes to dig beneath the surface and find the extraordinary beneath the mundane, whether in people, places, or historical events. While she has no desire to change the past, she enjoys learning about local history, particularly the early 20th century. Her preferred places to time travel are from her computer or Dayton’s Carillon Historical Park. By day, she wrangles data and websites in between excursions to search for the aliens and spacecraft that legends say are stashed away on the military base where she works.

One unwanted gift. One great wrong. One chance to make things right… Tony Solomon never wanted to be a time traveler. But when a freak accident gifts him with the ability to travel in time, he becomes an unwilling initiate in the Saturn Society, a secret society of time travelers. Determined to prevent his daughter’s murder, he violates the Society’s highest law and becomes a fugitive. But the Society refuses to tell Tony how to time-travel within his own life, so he seeks help from Charlotte, the woman whose life he saved during a prior trip to the past.

When Tony arrives in 1933 looking for answers, Charlotte is both thrilled and terrified to see her childhood hero. Loyal to the Society, she is honor-bound to bring to justice those who manipulate time for their own gain. In giving him sanctuary, she faces a terrible choice-condemn the man she loves and to whom she owes her life, or deny her deepest convictions by helping him escape and risk sharing his sentence.
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A past shrouded in mystery
Violet Sinclair remembers nothing of her life before the day she awoke several years earlier, drenched in blood that wasn’t hers. But since she met Tony Solomon, she’s been certain of one thing – sometime in her hidden past, she knew him… loved him… and did something terrible to him. A present fraught with danger......
Time-traveler Tony Solomon is sure he never met Violet before they were coworkers, yet she bears an uncanny resemblance to the woman he loved and lost decades before he was born. After an impulse encounter leaves Violet pregnant with his child, she becomes the target of killers from the future. A future feared in jeopardy. Framed for murder, Tony will do anything to protect Violet and their child, even if their only escape is to jump into the past, something he swore he’d never do again. But when they jump back much further than planned, t
hey find their troubles are only beginning,  and secrets can get them killed

 What was the inspiration for the series?
LOL It came from a line in an Alice in Chains song, about controlling time.
 That was the spark that started it all!

How much research went into the books?
Quite a bit. Not only did I need to research exactly what happened during the 1913 flood, I needed to research whether or not items were in use/had been invented, fashions, slang terminology, and customs for both that time period, and 1933. Old newspapers in the library were the best – more because of the ads than the articles!

 How did you choose the location for the setting of the books?
I actually was going to set the book in another city, because I thought Dayton would 
be a hard sell. But my character Tony decided otherwise, when he inadvertently jumped back into the 1913 flood. So Dayton it was.

 Describe Tony and Charlotte in 10 words for us:
Inquisitive, honest to a fault, want to do what’s right.

Who was the hardest character to write about? 
Probably bad guy Ben Caruthers, because  it’s challenging to write a villain with depth, 
who’s not just evil, especially since we never  get into his point of view. 
He was very much a Snidely Whiplash character in my first couple drafts.

 What is your favorite book, and did it influence your writing at all?
 I couldn’t even begin to pick one author, much less one book, in fiction, so
 I’ll go with nonfiction. That would be Grand Eccentrics by Mark Bernstein. 
It’s a biography of John H. Patterson, Charles Kettering, the Wright Brothers, James M. Cox, and Arthur Morgan that focuses not as much on these men’s great accomplishments, but who they were. I wanted to capture that same innovative spirit and curiosity in Charlotte, who wanted to be an inventor, so yes, it was probably an influence.

Ohio Questions:

What is your favorite Ohio food or drink?
Depends on whether I’m hungry for salty or sweet. If the former, Mike-sell’s Potato Chips! If  I want sweets, that would have to be Esther Price chocolates – preferably dark.

Do you have a favorite Ohio sports team, if so who?
Despite the team’s recent troubles I still gotta love Ohio State football. 
If we’re going to a game, then make it the Dayton Dragons.  They always make it fun, 
no matter the score! (Colette's note: The Dayton Dragons are a minor league baseball 
team that filters players into the Cincinnati Reds Major League Baseball Team.)

What is your favorite C City: Columbus, Cincinnati or Cleveland?
I’ve only been to Cleveland once, and that a long time ago. I have friends in both 
other places, but I find Cincinnati easier to get around in, so I’ll choose that.

What's your favorite season in Ohio and why?
Spring! I love when it gets warm after a cold winter and being able to ride my Harley after 
it’s sat in the garage for several months.

Where to find Jennette: 

I'm giving away one ebook copy of Time's Enemy, book one in the series to one lucky person! To enter, leave a comment & either ask Jennette a question or say where you'd travel to if you could travel through time. For extra entries, fill out the rafflecopter form. Giveaway is open until Thursday Sept 13th. If I don't hear from the winner within two days of contacting them, then a new one will be announced. The winner may be contacted through email or a blog post. Not responsible if the winner does not see the blog post announcing the winner. a Rafflecopter giveaway