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Blogiversary Bash Day 1: Interview & Giveaway with Cari Quinn

 I can't believe that it's already been three years since I started this blog!! I did my first post on May 7th, 2009 and my first review on May 17th.  This year I decided to throw a big birthday bash. To help me celebrate a few of my favorite authors (Carolyn Crane, Sierra Dean, Lori Brighton, just to name a few) will be stopping by talking about different stuff & giving away some cool prizes. On Friday May 18th I'll be ending the week with a bunch of different stuff you won't want to miss. Thank you to everyone who comments and follows this blog. You have no idea how much it means to me. (More on what I've learned later in the week!)

Please help me welcome one of my favorite hot & steamy roman writes back to the blog-Cari Quinn.

Thanks so much to Colette for having me here today! Happy, happy third blog anniversary! J

Can you tell us a bit about Heart Signs? Definitely! Sam is a guy who is stuck in the past. He was deeply in love with his dead wife, and still hasn’t come to terms with the loss of her—and the role he played in driving her away. Rory is quite literally a rainbow that shows up in front of him, and though he doesn’t feel ready to chase that pot of gold with her, he’s smart enough to know he can’t just let her walk away. Rory’s also far from perfect herself, and her honesty helps prompt Sam to face who he is and how his life looks now.
What makes your romances different? I wish I had a smart, pithy answer for this, but I’m tempted to say because I’m a little weird, LOL. I cut my teeth on romance and have always loved it, but I don’t always love the usual types of characters. I like edges. I like heroes that don’t always behave in heroic ways. I like heroines who may not be sweet Mary Sues. And I especially like when characters do things I don’t expect, even if it may give me fits. No topic is off-limits for my quirky writer brain.
Do you have a favorite moment in Heart Signs? Oh yeah, definitely the final scenes when Sam and Rory finally…come together. I’ll let your readers intrepret that as they wish! They really had to fight for their HEA, with themselves and with each other. That moment of happiness made it all worthwhile—for them and for me. J
What is your favorite thing about Sam and Rory? Oh, how they help each other be better, definitely. They both have their flaws and their scars, but somehow they manage to patch up each other’s holes. They truly make each other better and have a lot of fun doing it.
What is the best part of writing romance? Knowing that everything will work out in the end. For a control freak like me, it’s nice to know I can create a world where things won’t ever end on a sad note—though, admittedly, some of my characters like to throw a monkey wrench into the process! Repeatedly!
Can you tell us about any upcoming projects you have? I’m happy to! I have a bunch of things in the works. Next up is No Flowers Required, the followup book to No Dress Required from Entangled Publishing—and it’s category length! Jake’s sister Alexa definitely has all she can handle with her struggling store and her hunky plumber—or is he?—Dalton. Also coming soon is the third book in the Unveiled series at Ellora’s Cave, Need Me. Spencer’s sister Marcia and her boys – yep, plural – have a great time, that’s for sure!
And that’s not all. In July, I’m starting a new novella series at Entangled Publishing, with Twice Burned, the first book in my Firefighters of Battle Creek series. Think sexy fun, because these firefighters have a lot of it! And later this year, I’m starting a new series with Loose Id, focused on my Hot Shots Talent Agency. Book one is tentatively titled Screen Shot and involves a hot nude model—and the committed couple who invites him to be their third.
Basically…if you like my books, there are plenty coming up that should (hopefully!) suit your tastes, whether you like sexy sweet or sexy dirty, since I really enjoy writing both! J

Fun Questions:

What is your favorite type of Chocolate? Dark. Though a mix of milk and dark is even more perfect! I like mixing it up, what can I say?
Coffee, Tea, or pop? Oh coffee, definitely! Every flavor of coffee, preferably lighter roasts. I also love iced tea. Pop, however, I only drink about once or twice a year.
Nail polish: Yes or no? If yes, doyou have a favorite brand? Yes, I love it…when I remember to put it on. I don’t have a favorite brand – I’m all about color, so will grab whichever one rocks my world—but I’ve found I like pedis ways more than manis. Cute toes are important to me!
What is your favorite comfort read? Angels Fall by la Nora. Read it five times so far and counting. Brody and Reece are perfection together.
Do you have a favorite go-to author? Yep, back to la Nora. I first read her in eighth grade and she literally opened up a whole new world to me. Back then I was already trying to write romance, and reading her books made me wonder if maybe I could give this writing thing a serious go too. I didn’t really believe it, but I have a lot to thank Nora for. To this day, nothing comforts me like a good Nora.

Thanks again for having me here today! I’d like to give away a $10.00 gift card to either Amazon or Barnes and Noble (winner’s choice) to one commenter, and also one of my ebooks to two other commenters—so comment away to win! And I even have a question for you, though I’m happy to answer anything you’d like to know. When you read, which do you prefer? Sexy sweet or dirty sweet stories? And why?  Giveaway is open until May 21, 2012. Please be sure to leave a way for me to contact you if you are the winner!

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