Monday, November 14, 2011

Author Interview & Blog Tour Giveaway with Kathleen Kole

 Take one newspaper columnist; move her from the anonymity of her home city to a sleepy, small town; add a dollop of nosey, suspicious and just plain odd neighbors; a dash of mystery in the form of a stained garbage can and a rodent and, finally, a large pinch of unsettling attraction to a virtual stranger and you’ll find yourself with a recipe that imitates April Patterson’s life.
Sound strange? It is. April Patterson had no idea that when she decided to follow the path of family and love, she would find herself an unwitting player in an eyebrow raising cul-de-sac mystery, grasping for her privacy as she plays “Dodge the Neighbor” and being forced to examine her relationship motives … all before she had unpacked her last box! Taking a deep breath, and a large bite into a comforting donut, April consoles herself with the knowledge that it will all work out. It always does … doesn’t it?

Please help me welcome Kathleen Kole, Author of Dollar to Donuts to my blog as apart of the blog tour for Chick Lit Plus Blog Tour!

1. If you had a playlist for Dollars to Donuts, what would it be?  
Wow, now that's a question!  You really made me think, Collette!  Finally, after much deliberation, I've come up with songs that I think are fitting for each character of the novel.  Not sure if we'd call it a playlist, but hope it satisfies.  Here we go! 

April: "Firework" by Katy Perry. 
Kevin: "Rush" by Big Audio Dynamite. 
Gerritt: "I like the way you move" by Bodyrockers. 
Thomas: "American Idiot" by Green Day. 
Jessica: "Without You" by David Guetta & Usher. 
Carol: "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. 
Deborah: "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks. 
Bob: "16 Tons" by Tennessee Ernie Ford. 
And, to round it all out, Denise and Heidi: "The Siamese Cat Song" from the Lady and the Tramp soundtrack.

2. Do you have a favorite secondary character in the book? 
Absolutely! That honor would go to the intriguing and eccentric character, Thomas.  In fact, there's a story line waiting for Thomas, to be told in a future novel.

3. If you could use one word to describe the heroine what would it be?
   Hmm, that's a tricky one; however, if I had to pick just one word I'd say April could be described as "determined". 

4. I have to you have a favorite kind of Donut and what kind of coffee do you like to drink with your donuts?    
What a fun question!  I don't know if I necessarily have a favorite donut, but I am partial to crullers and Boston cream.  As for coffee, I could make a list! haha! I'm a big fan of flavored coffees, but those aside, I will say the best I've tasted was a Jamaican Blue Mountain blend.  If I could have that every day, whew, wouldn't that be something?  Since that's not happening, I "settle" for a perfectly respectable Kona blend in my coffee maker each morning.

5. Would you consider Dollars to Donuts Chick Lit or Women’s fiction or a bit of both?
 I would be inclined to say that Dollars to Donuts leans more toward Women's fiction, with perhaps a splash of Chick Lit thrown in to keep my readers smiling!

6. What was the last book you read?

     I just finished, "Caroline's Sister", by Sheila O'Flanagan and have moved on to, "The Cinderella Deal", by Jennifer Crusie.

7. What's the one thing we should know about this book?      
While Dollars to Donuts is my second book published, it was actually my first book written.   

8. Do you have a favorite line or quote from the book?
     I don't have a favorite line/quote, per say, but I did really enjoy the Scottish slang that Thomas tossed into the mix.  Doing the research for it was a lot of fun.

Thanks so much, Collette, for allowing me this opportunity to answer your questions and to be a guest on your blog!  As well, a huge thank you for reading Dollars to Donuts and participating in the tour. 


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