Monday, June 6, 2011

The Lori Foster Reader/Author Get Togehter Recap post

All I have to say is why did I wait until year 7 to go?? I live only an hour away from West Chester, Ohio where the event is held, so there is really isn't any excuse for me not going before now. I had such a wonderful time that I'm not even sure where to begin. I guess I'll start by saying the Marriot we stayed at was the easiest hotel I've had to find. I didn't get lost at all..not even going home. I think that has to be some sort of first!

I want to  apologize  for not having any pictures. I just never think of taking them at the time, then get home and am like, why didn't I take them? On Friday, I was just so excited at meeting everyone that I didn't take any, and on Saturday when I wanted to, my cell phone of course died on me. Too much twitter use the day before killed it. I should've charged it over night, but foolishly thought I had more of a charge left in it then I did. I just can not say enough how nice everyone was, and it was like I had known every one for years instead of meeting them for the first time in person that weekend.

The first two people I met were Bells from Hanging with Bells and Mandi from Smexybooks. Those two are truly wonderful. They are as nice in person as they are on their blogs and twitter. I felt like I had known Bells forever after meeting her. I had dinner with both of them, and Liza from Liza's Blog (MsLizaLou on twitter) Katie from Katidom, Katie's friend Lee Ann, Bridget and Stacy from Stacy's Place on Earth.  This picture of Liza and I was  totally stole from Stacy:

I hardly ever wear pink, and now I know why. I think this shirt will be buried in my closet..have no idea how I got talked into buying it. :) I shudder to think of how bad the picture taken of me and this awesome raffle basket

I won from the Romance Bandits will look like.  I still can't believe I won it! The basket is full of awesome books. The cup was filled with candy that melted on the way home, but managed to save the candy by putting it in the fridge when I got home. There is also notebooks, pens and a kitchen towel hidden in there. While standing in line to get my picture taken, I got to meet the wonderful Julie A Lindsey. I just wish I had gotten to spend more time with her and Niki from Ramblings from a Chaotic Mind. Niki was just full of energy and she and Julie were just super nice. (like everyone I met this weekend was!) 

The first author I got to meet was Monica Burns. She was super nice and I can't wait to read her books:

When I got her autograph, Dakota Cassidy was sitting next to her, and the two had me rolling!  Why oh why, didn't I bring my copy of Kiss & Hell for her to sign?? I was so unorganized for the book signing. I also got to me Stephanie Julian, whose book

comes out this July..and of course I left my copy at home. Two authors who I got to spend some time with were Leanna Renee Hieber, author of the Strangely Beautiful series and J.A. Saare, author of Dead, Undead & Somewhere In Between. Both were just too awesome for words. I went to a presentation that Leanna gave about being different. Of course, I didn't take notes, but I have to say that Leanna was a great speaker. I overslept on Saturday morning and missed Keri Stevens presentation. I was totally bummed.. I really liked . Nalini Singh  books I've read and was lucky enough to get her autograph. She is just plain nice. I should mention that I was accidentally in her way when she was on her way to a presentation she was giving, and she bumped into me and said excuse me. I felt horrible about being in her way. I also went to a chat with authors Toni Blake and Jules Bennet. I now want to read everything on their backlist. Both were just great. Toni has a new book coming out this November called Holly Lane, and I didn't know this but she also writes under the name Lacy Alexander.

On Saturday I got to meet Jenny from Supernatural Snark and Molly from Book Fare Delights. I just wish I had gotten to spend more time with them!  I got to meet almost all of my Chatting with Buckeye authors, and loved meeting them in person. I also got to meet Keri Ford, author of On the Fence and and Through the Walls. Again, stupid me was unprepared and didn't have anything she could sign-but she was handing out these cute Cinnamon Apple Tea Bags that was nice enough to give to me.

I know that I probably missed a lot of what happened and left out a few names, but I discovered so many great new authors (like Nancy Naigle and Cat Shaffer) that my want to read list just got even bigger. This weekend was just tons of fun and I'm glad I was able to do it. I had fun meeting every one in person. I could just go on and on and on about this weekend, but this post is longer then I had planned. :) I just wish I hadn't been so shy talking to some of the authors, who I was excited to meet (like Stephanie Julian Keri Ford)  because the ones I got a chance to talk to-Leanna Renee Hieber, J.A. Saare, Monica Burns and Keri Stevens were just as nice as nice could be.