Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Author Interview: Lori Foster, author of When You Dare (Chatting with Buckeyes)

Please help me welcome New York Times Best Selling author, Lori Foster to Chatting with Buckeyes, the series where I interview a different author from Ohio every month. 

1. Can you tell us about your newest book, When You Dare?

 Sure. It hit stands on the 26th and introduces the series. I got the idea for this series after seeing the movie “Taken” with Liam Neeson. In the movie, he was forced to leave some captive women behind so that he could find and rescue his daughter. I wanted a hero who saved them all – and an idea was born. The book opens with the hero leaving Mexico with the woman he went in to save – and another that he hadn’t counted on. 

2.  When You Dare is the first book in the Men Who Walk The Edge of Honor Series, how many books are planned for the series?
There will be 4. “Trace of Fever” is the 2nd book, available May 31st and “Savor the Danger” is available June 28th. The 4th book, “A Perfect Storm,” will be out in May 2012.

3.  The 7th Annual Author/Reader get together that you host in Cincinnati is this June 3-5th, how did it get started? For those who aren't familiar with it, can you explain what it is?
My good friend Dianne Castell and I started it as a thank you to the community for readers and authors to interact in a very casual and affordable atmosphere. For only $50 you get plenty of time to chat, take photos, share books, a giant booksigning with over 100 authors, raffles galore (proceeds from the raffles benefit the One Way Farm – http://www.onewayfarm.org/ ) a Friday night pizza party with games, a Saturday continental breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet, and a Saturday party that is themed as a “Sock Hop” this year. Newer authors can meet readers, agents, editors, publishers, and other industry professionals. Wear your jeans, or whatever you’re most comfortable in, bring your stash of books to get them signed, bring your camera for lots of fun photos!

4. What influenced you to write romances?
Reading them! I didn’t “discover” romances until I was older, married and with 3 sons. As soon as I started reading them, I was hooked! LOVE the character-driven storylines, the action, the emotion, and that guaranteed happy ending.

5. Under LL Foster, you write Urban Fantasy novels-is it difficult switching genres?
[Lori said:] Not at all. I love to jump from one to the other. I think it helps to keep me fresh.

6. Do you have a favorite hero/heroine or series?
Lots of them! I loved all of Linda Howard’s Mackenzie books, all of Catherine Coulter’s Sherbrook books, all of Johanna Lindsey’s Mallory stories, and most recent everything Kresley Cole has written about the Immortals After Dark.

Ohio Questions

1. Do you have a favorite Ohio Sports team that you root for?
My favorite sport is MMA, so anyone from Ohio who competes interests me. Rich Franklin is a top favorite. But I have a lot of favorites in the UFC who aren’t from here.

2. Where is your favorite place in Ohio to go?
 Hocking Hills! We LOVE the area and get there at least a couple of times a year. I could wander from one amazing landmark to another. Favorites there are Ash Cave and The Rock House, but they’re all incredible.
I also enjoy parking our RV at a beautiful park in New Paris, Ohio. It’s so very peaceful!

3. Do you have a favorite C City-Columbus, Cincinnati, or Cleveland?
 I have a ton of writerly friends in Columbus, so it’s always fun to go there. But being Cinci is so close, I’d have to say I love it best.

4. Do you have a favorite food or drink that's native to Ohio? (For example, I love Buckeye Candy)
 Oh, I love Buckeye Candy too! There’s an Amish store in Hamilton, Ohio that makes the very best sandwiches! All fresh and loaded with goodness. I also love Skyline Chili and Gold Star Chili.  Blue Ash Grill is incredible. We discovered it when our friends – Chris and Janeen (radio DJs for WGRR 103.5) took us there. Wonderful atmosphere and incredible food.

5. What would people be most surprised to find out about Ohio?
 Visitors always seem surprised by our wildlife. Deer are everywhere. Hawks. Turkey vultures. On our property we get regular visits from coyotes, deer, skunk, possum, raccoons, etc... Crane and hawks “fish” daily in my pond, often catching a giant goldfish for dinner. (sad!)And we get the most amazing variety of birds, but big, chubby turkey vultures to tiny sparrows and wild canary. It’s a beautiful site if you enjoy wildlife – and we do!

I just wanted to say that it's official-I'm going to Lori's Author/Reader get together and I can't wait!! :)
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