Monday, March 28, 2011

Author Character Interview w/Gini Koch & Giveaway


Please help me welcome one of my favorite authors to the Blog-Gini Koch author of the Katherine "Kitty" Katt series. She's brought with her two of my favorite characters Kitty, our awesome heroine and her best friend Chuckie.


Alien in the Family, book three in the Katherine Kitty Katt series, goes on sale April 6th. I love this series so much that I'm giving away my own copies of Touched by An Alien and Alien Tango so everyone can get caught up! Details are at the end of the interview. Kitty does like to talk, so apologizes for the length-but it's well worth the read! Now, onto the interview!

Gini, thank you so much for letting Kitty and Chuckie have this interview with me!

1. Kitty and Chuckie can you tell us a bit about the series so far for those readers who *gasp* aren't familiar with it yet?

Kitty: Sure! About a year ago I discovered that the Roswell rumors are true, but with a twist. The aliens are here to help protect us from a lot worse aliens, and the added bonus is they’re all drop-dead gorgeous. After I helped save the day with hairspray, a Mont Blanc pen, rock and roll, and thinking way, way outside the box, I got deeper into Centaurion Division. As time goes on, we discover more enemies, more conspiracies, and more threats, both internal and very external. So, I spend a lot of time kicking butt, taking names, and saving the day with the most gorgeous people on Earth. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it, and I’m willing to take one for the team.
Chuckie: That’s a great spin.
Kitty: Thanks! How do you see it so far?
Chuckie:: A bunch of aliens showed up and stole my girl from me, that’s how I see it.
Kitty: Wow. You’re so dramatic all of a sudden.
Chuckie: Yeah? Well, from my perspective, that’s the main thread.
Kitty: You’re pro-alien! You’re Mister Conspiracy Theories!
Chuckie: I’m also in love with you. Hence…
Kitty: Oh, fine, good point. But they’re good aliens.
Chuckie: Yes. I’ve heard they’re exceptionally good in bed, too. Constantly.
Kitty: That sounded snide.
Chuckie: Did it? Can’t imagine why I’d feel snide about it.
Kitty: You really have nothing to defend, dude. You qualify as Gold Standard.
Chuckie: That and three dollars gets me a cup of coffee I get to drink alone.
Kitty: So maudlin. You could have any girl you set your mind to, you know.
Chuckie: Except the one I want.
Kitty: The guilt is kind of hard to deal with.
Chuckie: Is it? Darn.
Kitty: You’ll get over me.
Chuckie: We’ll see.
Kitty: You will. I’m sure of it.
Chuckie: Until a year or so ago, you were sure there weren’t aliens on Earth.
Kitty: Until a year or so ago, you were sure I’d never find out.
Chuckie: I’m going to let you “win” this one, because I know there are more questions. Enjoy the last word.
Kitty: You don’t know me! I don’t always have to have the last word!
Chuckie: Right.
Kitty: I don’t! Next question!

2. Kitty, you and Chuckie have been best friends since high school, can you tell me why the girls should be on Team Chuckie?

Kitty: Oh, wow, so many reasons.
Chuckie: Thanks. I think and hope.
Kitty: Dude, you always worry about the wrong things. Okay, he’s brilliant, he’s tall, he’s handsome, he’s a great dancer, he’s fun, he’s funny, he’s great in bed --
Chuckie: Uh, that’s kind of too much information, don’t you think?
Kitty: Do you have any idea who’s asking these questions and reading them? Trust me, I’m both telling the truth and upping your Team Memberships at the same time. Now, where was I? Oh, right, fab in bed, Mister Gold Standard, and he’s very sweet. Oh, and rich, too. Don’t forget that. Because he’s also really generous, and picks out great, thoughtful gifts.
Chuckie: And yet, you’re not marrying me.
Kitty: You asked at the wrong time.
Chuckie: Technically, I asked twice. Apparently both times were the wrong time.
Kitty: Bitter much?
Chuckie: No, I’m not. Just…disappointed.
Kitty: I wasn’t clear, okay? Sense of humor? Thought it was a joke. You could have told me I was wrong, you know.
Chuckie: Let’s not start. This conversation never ends the way I’d like it to.

3. Chuckie, what's your favorite thing about Kitty?

Chuckie:: Love everything about her.
Kitty: Isn’t he sweet?
Chuckie: Thanks. But if I had to pick one thing, probably that she never saw me as a geek.
Kitty: Because you weren’t and you aren’t. You’re totally cool, the smartest guy in any room, loads of fun, great sense of humor, and you love comics as much as I do. And you’re pretty damned hot these days, too. For a human.
Chuckie: And yet, you’re not marrying me.
Kitty: You caught the “for a human” part, right?
Chuckie: Oh yeah, I caught it. It’s a good thing I’m pro-alien. Or at least pro “our” aliens.
Kitty: I agree.

4. Chuckie Are you a fan of her Kittyism's?

Chuckie: I’m a fan of every single thing about Kitty, including the way she talks and thinks.
Kitty: Isn’t he sweet?
Chuckie: We’re not going there again. It’s hard on a man’s ego, to be told how great he is, only to find out that he’s not quite great enough.
Kitty: I think you’re awesome, Chuckie, you know that.
Chuckie: And you’re marrying who, again?
Kitty: Right. Next question?

5. Here's a question for both of you: What was your favorite part of Alien Tango?

Chuckie: For me, probably the reunion. It was both nice to spend time alone with Kitty and it was also my main screen time in the book.
Kitty:  I liked seeing you, but the reunion wasn’t really my finest hour, if you think about it.
Chuckie: I thought you were great.
Kitty: Yeah, but you’re biased. Um, my favorite parts of Alien Tango will kind of make Chuckie uncomfortable.
Chuckie: You mean your favorite parts were whenever you were banging Martini.
Kitty: Yeah. You really know me well, don’t you?
Chuckie: Better than he does.
Kitty: True enough. At least for now.
Chuckie: Well, we’ll see how it goes. Engaged and married aren’t the same thing.
Kitty: True enough. Wait a minute, do you know something I don’t?
Chuckie: Potentially, I know a great many things you don’t. But if you mean in terms of what’s coming, I might know some things.
Kitty: I think The Creator likes you best.
Chuckie: She does.
Kitty: Show off.

6. Kitty it was great seeing you and Chuckie together in Alien Tango, will we be seeing more of you together?

Kitty: Absolutely! He’s one of my two best guy friends and my oldest friend. I expect to see Chuckie for the rest of my life.
Chuckie: I’m also the head of the ET Division for the C.I.A., so not only will I see Kitty on a personal level, but also on a professional one.
Kitty: Jeff hates that.
Chuckie: I know. Now, ask me if I care.
Kitty: Oh, dude, seriously, I know you don’t. But play nicely.
Chuckie: I do my best.
Kitty:  And your best is awesome!
Chuckie: Say that around Martini enough, and I might like what happens.

7. Chuckie, Bells from Hanging with Bells has a question for you: Is there anything in the past that you'd do differently?

Chuckie: Yes, absolutely. One thing, mainly. I’d have told Kitty I wasn’t joking when we were in Vegas the first time.
Kitty: That would have made things very different, don’t you think?
Chuckie: I’d really like to think so, yeah.
Kitty: Of course, based on everything I’ve gone through since meeting the gang from Alpha Centauri, I think the world might have ended if I hadn’t been in the right place at the right time.
Chuckie: Maybe. Maybe this world. Possibly not all the worlds.
Kitty: You want to expand on that?
Chuckie: Not at this precise time.
Kitty: Is this another thing The Creator’s told you that she hasn’t told me?
Chuckie: That’s classified.
Kitty: It’s me!
Chuckie: It’s still classified.
Kitty: Jeff would tell me.
Chuckie: No. He’d lie, you’d be able to instantly tell, and you’d weasel it out of him. Now, if you’re willing to do with me what I know you’d do with him to get the intel, we can talk about it. If not, and I know what answer I’m expecting, then you’ll just have to find out when everyone else does.
Kitty: Fine, fine.
Chuckie: And that’s the answer I was expecting.
Kitty: Stop looking so smug.
Chuckie: Sometimes you make it so easy for me, I can’t resist.

8. Kitty, do you see yourself going on any missions with the AC girls?

Kitty:  Do you mean besides Lorraine and Claudia? Because, per The Creator, there’s lots of missions coming up, and there are plenty of A-C girls ready to rock and roll. As for me, personally, already went on missions with my girls, so yeah, I expect to continue to do so.
Chuckie: As the Head of Airborne, Kitty has a lot of influence but Martini still makes the Field agent decisions.
Kitty: And then I ignore them.
Chuckie: Good point.

9. Kitty, do you think that Jeff and Chuckie will ever be friends?

Kitty: Down the line? Sure, I think it’s possible. Do I think it’s LIKELY? Well, a girl can hope, right?
Chuckie: As far as I’m concerned, Martini’s had the only screw up in regard to Kitty I’ll ever allow. He screws up again, friendship won’t be what anyone’s worried about.
Kitty: Yes, yes, I think he’s clear on the fact that you’ll be watching him.
C: For the rest of our lives.
Kitty: But, let’s assume that Jeff doesn’t get drugged by our enemies again and, in fact, doesn’t screw up. Then what are the odds?
Chuckie: Anything’s possible. As long as he’s taking care of you, treating you right, and not endangering you, our country, or our world, I’m fine to let him live.
Kitty: Live? This is a question about friendship!
Chuckie: This is me telling you that it’s going to take a lot more than a fruit basket. Accept it.
Kitty: Alpha males!
Chuckie: According to so many, neither Martini nor I are considered Alpha. We’re supposedly Beta.
Kitty: Well, as far as I’m concerned, you’re both Alphas, because you don’t become the top dudes at young ages by being sweet little wimps.
Chuckie: As always, I like how you think.

10. Can either of you give us a hint at what Alien in the Family will bring?

Kitty: Poofs!
Chuckie: Assassination squads.
Kitty: Poofs!
Chuckie: Invasions.
Kitty: Poofs!
Chuckie: More conspiracies.
Kitty: Poofs!
Chuckie: More action and intrigue.
Kitty: Poofs!
Chuckie: I’m letting her stick with Poofs because I, personally, prefer that to “sex with Martini!” as her constant answer.
Kitty: Well, there’s that, too.
Chuckie: Go back to the Poofs.

 Thanks again Chuckie and Kitty for joining us today!! Details on the Touched by an Alien and Alien Tango giveaway: Please state if you are entering the giveaway, and which book you would like to win. Being a blog follower isn't necessary, but it would be nice! Giveaway is open until 11:59pm April 8, 2011. Contest open for US and Canada residents only, sorry. Please leave an email address if it's not on your blogger profile so I'm able to contact you if you are the winner. Good luck to all!