Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Author interview: Sharon Cullen, Chatting with Buckeyes Series

I am so excited to have  romance writer Sharon Cullen here as apart of the Chatting With Buckeyes Series, where I interview a different Ohio writer each month. 

1. Can you tell us a little bit about your new release, Where Ever You Are coming out in April?  
Wherever You Are is a romantic time travel with lots of swashbuckling pirates. This book has been ten years in the making--one of the first books I ever wrote. Of course the original version is very different from the book that's coming out April 5. That's a good thing! As I grew as a writer, the book grew with me. Here's the blurb:

The last thing Juliana MacKenzie remembers is sitting in a friend’s kitchen. In Kansas City. In the twenty-first century. How did she wind up on a burning ship in the middle of the ocean—in the eighteenth century? If that wasn’t enough to get her heart started, some dark corner of her memory responds to the ship’s enigmatic captain. A man whose touch ignites her senses even as he stubbornly holds her at arm’s length. It’s almost too late when Morgan realizes his stowaway is not only female, but a woman from a life and a time he’d almost forgotten. Desire resurges like an undeniable tide—but he is not the man Juliana would remember. She has been unwittingly thrust into a dangerous world, and now she, too, is a target for the pirate who once enslaved him, who still hunts him across the seven seas. Kidnapped by Morgan’s worst enemy, Juliana finds herself drawing on inner reserves she never knew she possessed. No way will she let anyone—not even the man she is growing to love—choose her path for her. And no way will she let him offer himself in trade for her freedom. 

2. What other books do you have available right now? 
 Deception, Redemption, Obsession, Night Song (ebook only), A Forever Kind of Thing, Hands off (ebook only), Accidental Love (ebook only)

3. How many different genres do you write in? Is it hard to switch? 
 I write contemporary romance, romantic suspense and paranormal romance. Its not hard for me to switch because I write one book at a time. I'm not one of those authors who can write several books at once. I guess you can say I'm not a multi-tasker when it comes to my writing. LOL.

4. Which is the hardest genre to write for? Hmmm. I guess for me it would be contemporary romance because I always want to add suspense into it or I find a paranormal element sneaking in. I find it very difficult to write just a romance with no other elements.

5. Who are some of your favorite authors?
Oh, wow. The list is endless. Let's see... Linda Howard's earlier romances, Jennifer Ashley's historicals, Janet Evanovich (who doesn't love Stephanie Plum??), Harlan Coben, Diana Gabaldon, Monica McCarty. I could keep going. LOL

6. Have you always wanted to write?
Always. I've never known a moment when I didn't want to write. When I was younger (9 or 10 years old), I fell in love with Black Beauty. Later I started reading teen books and decided I could write just as well so I'd rewrite endings to the books or tweak characters. I have a degree in journalism but that wasn't really the writing I wanted to do. I wanted to create stories. I remember telling my friends that before I die, I wanted to write a book. When my two oldest kids were in school, my youngest used to take the longest naps and I would read a book a day until I realized I could put my time to better use by *writing* books. That was ten years ago and now my tenth book is about to be released. Romance was an easy fit because I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

7. Where can we find your books
Amazon, Barnes and Nobles online, Borders online, My Bookstore and More (Samhain Publishing's online bookstore)

8. Where can we find you on the web?
I'm all over the web. My official website is http://www.sharoncullen.net/. You can find me on Facebook at Sharon Cullen - Author. I'm VERY active on Twitter. You can follow me at SharonCullen. Friend me! Follow me! I love to interact with readers.
Ohio Questions:

What's your favorite season in Ohio? 
Fall - I love the smell of leaves and the anticipation of Christmas

What's your favorite place to visit? I like to take the family to Ohio Caverns

What is your favorite C city? Columbus, Cincy or Cleveland? Wellllll, I've never been to Cleveland (sorry Clevelanders) and since I live in the Cincinnati area, I'd have to say Cincinnati

Do you have an Ohio sports team you root for? If so, which one? University of Cincinnati and, yes, the Bengals. I'm an eternal optimist when it comes to the Bengals. I keep hoping they'll get their act together.

Do you have a local food that you can't get enough of? For example, I love Esther Price Candies-Chocolate made in the dayton area.  Cincinnati has tons of very popular local establishments. Graeters Ice Cream would top my list, followed closely by Skyline Chili and LaRosa's Pizza.