Friday, November 27, 2009

Some fun Challenges!

I can't help it. Really I can't. The challenges I'm joining now are by a few great bloggers whose blog I read all the time &  I couldn't pass up the fun challenges that they are hosting. I made a promise to myself that I'm not joining any new challenges until these are completed!

The First Challenge I've added is the 1.Marple 2. Poirot 3. Holmes Challenge. Kals at Pemberly is hosting this challenge-she's an Everything Austen friend & one of the first bloggers I met. This Challenge lasts from January-December 2010. The challenge is to read two Miss Marple mysteries, two Sherlock Holmes mysteries and two Hercule Poirot mysteries. It just so happens that I have a huge book of Miss Marple mysterys to choose from when I went on a gift card buying spree last Christmas. It was a B&N bargain book that I got for $5.00. Little did I know it remain unread for so long...

The second new challenge I'm doing is the Support Your Local Library by J Kaye at J.Kaye's Book Blog. I thought that since I get most of the books I review from the library this should be a fun & easy one to do! There are four different levels, The Mini (25 books) Just My Size (50) Stepping it Up (75) and Super Size Me. (100) I'm going to do the The Mini-checking out 25 books. It should be no problem to read 25 books from the library, right? The challenge lasts January-December 2010.

The third challenge I'm doing is the Erotica challenge hosted by Erotic Horizon. Little known fact: EH was one of the first 5 people to sub me when I first started this blog!  This is another year long challenge and the goal is to read 10 books in this genre. EH is also running an Indie Author challenge.

 I think this should satisfy my challenge bug for awhile....